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Nervos is a layered network built to support the decentralized economy. We believe that with a layered architecture, the Nervos Network can grow to support global commerce and innovation, allowing new businesses to flourish while maintaining the promises of decentralization and trustlessness.

Nervos is a free, open source MIT licensed software built by a passionate team of engineers. Members of our team have worked and continue to work on projects that are crucial to the growth of decentralized technology. 

Community is the foundation of what we do to Nervos because of our commitment to decentralization and to making the decentralized future a reality. At Nervos, we work diligently to integrate our community into our initiatives. As a result, we are looking for Core Community Contributors that are interested in pursuing their interests in alignment with Nervos’ vision. We are looking for content creators, online community leaders, local meetup organizers, technical ambassadors, and self-driven people with fresh ideas around how to contribute to the growth of Nervos community. 

Core Community Contributors that help develop the community and ecosystem for Nervos will benefit from an exclusive channel where they can connect, discuss and interact with the core Nervos team, receive Nervos swag and other giveaways, receive exclusive updates, information and project progress as well as be able to apply for grants to support their initiatives on developing the Nervos community and ecosystem. 

Want to get involved? Fill out this form and we will reach out to you to discuss next steps. After submitting your application, a member from our team will reach out to schedule a quick chat to review your application, initiatives and to align expectations.

After setting some goals together, and ensuring that you feel ready for success we’ll work on leveraging all the skills you bring to the table and apply them to the following categories below.

Get involved and start contributing!

Technical Ambassadors

It will take a village to build the foundation of the decentralized economy, we welcome open source contributions large and small to the Nervos codebase. Anyone in the world can contribute to Nervos via Github -- get started by taking a look at the contribution guide here

An important part of the Nervos development process comes from the Rust community: the RFC process, or Request For Comment. All Nervos design documentation is up for comment and iteration by the community. We have outlined the process guidelines here, and welcome you to propose features or comment on current RFCs.

Local Meetup Organizers

Do you find fulfillment in bringing people together with shared interests? 

We’re working to blossom new communities around the globe aimed at educating both technical and non-technical audiences about the Nervos Network, and blockchain tech as a whole. Take a look at some of our past meetups

Join our Local Meetup Organizer team and start hosting meetups for technical or non-technical audiences, there are several formats for hosting a Nervos event. The requirements are simple: 

  • Read through the Nervos Meetup Guidelines
  • Host at least two Nervos community meetups, both with at least 10 attendees.
  • Host a meetup at least every three months.

Please fill out this form and we will reach out to you to discuss next steps.  

Online Community Leaders

Our communities are active day and night across the world. We have several official channels that are used to distribute updates from the Nervos Team as well as discussions, questions and general chat. Help us provide a warm welcome, provide support and help answer questions from the folks that join our channels everyday. Ultimately, our goal is to build an awesome Nervos community environment that fosters educational, insightful, and entertaining interactions.

Content Creators

Are you passionate about engaging blockchain enthusiasts by creating insightful, informative content? 

The world needs comprehensive information about the problems facing blockchain and how we can move past them to the real work of evolving the global economy. Get creative! Feel free to express yourself in different formats such as videos, podcasts, forum posts --  People are already writing about Nervos, help us spread the word. If there is a topic you would like to cover in detail, please fill out the form and someone from our team will reach out to you promptly.


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