1 CKB = 1 Byte

CKByte (CKB) is the native cryptocurrency of Common Knowledge Base. It’s used for paying transaction fees and storing data, where holding one CKB permits users to store one byte of data on Nervos’ base layer.

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Fri Jan 05 2024
CKB Tokenomics

The CKB token launched with an initial supply of 33.6 billion coins, 8.4 billion of which were burned soon thereafter. The base issuance is 33.6 billion coins per year and halves every four years until it hits zero, whereas the fixed secondary issuance is 1.344 billion. Check out the detailed CKB supply structure and issuance schedule here.

Miners receive CKB rewards from two sources: the base and secondary issuance. The secondary issuance depends on state occupation, where miners receive half of the secondary issuance reward if half of the circulating CKB coins are used to store state. When the base issuance eventually ends, miners will keep earning "state rent" income from the secondary issuance, regardless of transaction demand, which ensures they're incentivized to secure the blockchain long-term.

Long-term CKB holders can seek inflation shelter from the secondary issuance by locking their coins in the Nervos DAO smart contract.

How do I get CKB?
You can buy and sell CKB using the cryptocurrency exchanges on this list. However, consider transferring and holding your CKB using a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, as holding it on centralized exchanges is risky.