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Building a layered infrastructure for the future crypto economy

Our Testnet is LIVE! Please see here on how to run a node and participate in the network

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the scalability trilemma

A global, open participation consensus mechanism has the most participating nodes. However, such system is also slow, expensive and difficult to scale.

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how we solve the problem

Nervos Network tackles the scalability trilemma by separating state generation and state verification/storage in a layered architecture.

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nervos network: built with layers

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As a public permissionless blockchain system, Nervos CKB provides powerful data abstraction, broad consensus, and strong security — all without sacrificing decentralization.

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nervos ckb has two primary goals

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CKB Virtual Machine

CKB-VM is a new blockchain VM that adopts RISC-V instruction sets, written in Rust.

Find more details in CKB-VM Paper.

cell model

Nervos CKB uses a simple state model called Cell Model.

Cell model 0c06ce08

development roadmap

Q1 2018
Nervos Network was founded
Released Nervos Common Knowledge Base (CKB) technical whitepaper
Started development on the first Nervos CKB proof of concept
Q2 2018
Finished development on the first Nervos CKB proof of concept
Completed & announced our pre-sale funding
Q3 2018
Released Nervos AppChain (Alpha Version)
Released DApp wallet: Neuron (Alpha Version)
Q4 2018
Creating Nervos Request For Comments (RFC) process
Releasing the Nervos CKB Virtual Machine RFC
Open-sourcing the Nervos CKB
Q1 2019
Releasing the Nervos Token Economics Whitepaper
Q2 2019
Releasing the Nervos CKB Consensus Paper
Releasing the Nervos CKB Testnet
Q4 2019
Nervos CKB Mainnet Launch
Token Generation Event

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