Godwoken is Live

Godwoken, our EVM compatible layer is live, providing a fast, scalable and familiar platform for decentralized applications. Join the Godwoken Whitelisting program.

Beyond Interoperability, Towards Universal Application

Early internet applications lived on segregated networks needing different ways to access and interact. Now, in today's decentralized world we again see this segregation into different ecosystems with poor interoperability.

The Nervos Network solves this problem by offering a suite of integrated solutions that allow the developer to build Universal Apps.


Access to any asset, any Blockchain
Choose your interface, choose your crypto and stick with it, but still access the entire space. The frustration of multiple wallets, exchanges and seed phrases is no more with Nervos.


Operate dApps from any wallet or solution
Feel the power of Universal Apps as you navigate every one of them from your chosen solution. Nervos brings the dApp ecosystem to you, and your wallet.


Code with flexibility, bring dApps from anywhere
Build on Nervos and have the ability to target any Virtual Machine (VM). Port your dApp across with ease and instantly have access to the entire blockchain ecosystem.


Layer 2 solutions for seamless scaling
Experience scalability in action with working, powerful, Layer 2 scaling solutions. Watch your projects scale straight away with the built-in power of these crafted solutions.


Decentralized and Sustainable
to be The Nervous System
To The Future Economy


Secure and Decentralized
Optimized Nakamoto consensus secured with ASIC-backed Proof-of-Work for maximum security and decentralization.


Sustainable Store of Value
Sustainable crypto-economics with a built-in store of value mechanism to solve some of the biggest sustainability challenges for public blockchains.


Layer 1 built for Layer 2
Unlimited flexibility and scalability through built-in, working, Layer 2 solutions on top of the powerful Nervos CKB Blockchain.


The journey so far, and beyond

The Nervos Culture

The Nervos Network is being built by a team of developers with deep roots in the crypto space. We are a diverse group with backgrounds in engineering, cryptography, token-economics and community building – currently more than 95+ people across the world.

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