The Nervos Network Bulletin: June 2022


What Happened this Month? 

June was an exciting month for Nervos as we headed to Consensus 2022, continued diving deeper on the upgrades on the Nervos Layer 1 – Mirana upgrade, and most importantly of all launched the Nervos Layer 2 – Godwoken. Make sure to read through some of our biggest accomplishments for the month!

Nervos Layer 2 Godwoken Launch!

On 29th June, Nervos launched the new and improved Nervos Layer 2 – Godwoken. Over the course of the next few weeks, numerous dApps and projects will be launching on Godwoken. It’s an exciting time as the future of Nervos ecosystem growth starts now!

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Nervos at Consensus 2022!

On June 9th, Nervos arrived in Austin, Texas for Consensus 2022! Consensus was one of the most highly anticipated crypto conferences in the US with an estimated attendance of over 17K attendees. Find out more about what our Nervos Team was up to in Texas! 

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Extensible Block Header Lands in the Nervos Layer 1

On May 10th the Nervos Layer 1 – Major Protocol Upgrade arrived. One of the new improvements made is the Extensible Block Header. The main promise of this feature is to enable solutions like Flyclient in the future. Find out more about the upgrade to Mirana!

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Major Protocol Upgrade – Diving into CKB-VM V1

Find out more about the different upgrades we are making to Mirana! This article dives into a technical overview of the new CKB-VM v1 features from the CKB2021 hard fork. 

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Twitter Spaces Recap: Matt AMA Recap

We invited Matt Quinn, our Ecosystem Development Manager, to discuss the current state of the bear market, what developers should focus on to weather the storm, the latest Nervos updates and live questions from the community. In case you’ve missed it, we have summarized the key points mentioned during the discussion.

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Hashing it Out: Episode 2

In episode 2 of “Hashing it Out”, Jordan and Eric covered a broad spectrum of updates that included reflections on the launch of Nervos Layer 1 – Mirana Major Protocol Upgrade, a discussion about the upcoming new features for the Nervos Layer 2 – Godwoken and details on one of the biggest developer focused programs Build Club. 

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