Consensus – Recap


Consensus was one of the most highly anticipated crypto conferences in the US. Estimated attendance was pinned at 17K+ which was more than double from the last in person Consensus conference. So the Nervos team was excited about exhibiting and all the opportunities to meet new potential partners across the industry. 

To prepare, we went through the process of getting our booth design created, giveaways produced, T-Shirts printed and hand out cards with key information ready for our team to share. After checking all the boxes and getting on flights to Austin, we were all set for the exhibition and non-stop conversations that we knew we had coming up. 

In addition to presenting and sharing Nervos at Consensus we were glad to include the brand new established Build Club as part of our exhibition. The Build Club program was created to provide support for developers building on the Nervos platform. Key areas of support for this program include educational Web3 resources, marketing guidelines and technical assistance to help bring an idea to a real working reality.

With Day 1 of the exhibition set to kick off on June 10th we arrived to a massive hall filled with all the top names in the industry. Teams were busy putting on the last touches to their booths in anticipation of the massive rush of thousands of people who registered to attend the conference. As soon as the doors opened at 9:30AM the waves of attendees began to flow in. 

Over the course of the first day our team met with many people across the industry. This included developers who were looking and evaluating platforms to build their dApp on to VCs interested in seeing if there were interesting projects being built on Nervos to students from universities with blockchain clubs. 

As the day progressed so did the volume of people coming by our booth to learn more about Nervos. While there were all levels of people, in terms of their knowledge or familiarity about Nervos, it was a pleasant surprise to meet actual individuals who were CKB miners and active participants in the Nervos Community. They were so happy to see our presence at Consensus and glad to know that we’re getting the Nervos name out there even more than we ever have before. 

After the conclusion of Day 1 we held a team dinner at Dave & Busters to relax and recharge from an intense long day. We were also delighted to invite some of the initial teams within the first cohort of Build Club to join us and spend time with our co-founders and key team members. This was such a great opportunity for all of us to not only be together in person but spend time to really get to know each other.

With a bit of sleep after a long first day, we all reset and were ready for Day 2. Usually on day 2 there’s the expectation that because so many people came through on the first opening day that the next day will be a little bit more quiet. That wasn’t the case as the volume of traffic picked up even more. 

Right across from our booth there was a book signing area where notable authors including Garry Kasparov, Laura Shin, Jimmy Song, Neal Stephenson and more attracted a wrapped around line of attendees eagerly waiting to get a book signed and a picture taken. Luckily for us, right after people got their book signed they were standing right in front of the Nervos booth where we grabbed many of them to tell them more about the Nervos platform and our growing community. 

During the day we even were able to talk to many of the UTXO alliance members who were in attendance and striked up ideas on ways to create brand new partnerships to help support the alliance. It’s random conversations like these that truly generate the seeds of powerful new partnerships and help solidify collaborations with 1 on 1 in person conversations. 

At the end of the conference, we had exhausted all our giveaways, stickers, cards, and T-shirts. Knowing that there are literally thousands of people proudly collecting our branded items and using them is a great feeling as we aim to get the Nervos name out there even more. 

Additionally our team had numerous side meetings with brand new partners and projects who we’ll begin working with in the near future. Between the conference, the meetings, evening events and networking opportunities, Consensus was a great conference for us to get Nervos out there in front of thousands of people. Just like every conference we go to we’ll continue to maximize exposure and bring in new people into the community!

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