Hashing it Out: The Highlights – Episode 2

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In the May episode of ”Hashing it Out” Jordan and Eric covered a broad spectrum of updates that included reflections on the launch of the Nervos Layer 1 – Mirana Major Protocol Upgrade, a discussion about the upcoming new features for the Nervos Layer 2 – Godwoken, and details on some of our biggest developer focused programs.

If you would like you can quickly read through the main highlights below or listen in to the entire discussion by clicking here

Nervos Layer 1 – Major Protocol Update Reflections

  • The Major Protocol Upgrade was successfully launched on May 10th 
  • All partners were able to make the upgrade despite a few minor challenges that were overcome after the launch 
  • The Extensible block header is a great new addition, which will pave the way for the flyclient and which there will potentially be an early version beta to see
  • The Short address format was eliminated which is already improving consistency across the dApps
  • The new OmniLock script is a feature rich script with a lot of potential for building in the future

Nervos Layer 2 – Godwoken Testnet Launch

  • Godwoken launched this month on Testnet and will be released on the Mainnet very soon
  • This new version of the L2 is now 100% EVM compatible, which means that any tool used for developing dApps on Ethereum can also be used on Godwoken
  • Previously there was a whitelisting process to launch new dApps but now that process has been eliminated in the new version of Godwoken, thereby providing a permissionless environment that enables any dApp to port/deploy 
  • The virtually gasless state of Godwoken will be attractive feature that will likely bring in a lot of new dApps into the ecosystem

Developer Programs – Web3champs

  • This six week hackathon that just ended in May brought in around 1155 participants 
  • All winners of the hackathon have been paid and the Nervos branded SafePal hardware wallets are in the process of being sent to winners
  • One project that stood out and that was a winner of a prize was Jio Swap which is a multi-chain stablecoin swap
  • Jio Swap will now go on to join the Build Club program to continue building their dApp and eventually launching on the new Nervos Layer 2 

 Developer Programs – BlockJam

  • The first BlockJam virtual online conference and hackathon is going to take place on June 18
  • There will be two days of speaker talks with leaders in Web3 and game dev sharing educational information on the powerful tools that blockchain provides
  • For more info make sure to go to www.globalblockjam.com to sign up for this free online conference
  • In addition to the conference there will also be a two week hackathon called GameJam where developers can win $50K+ in prizes 

Community Questions and Answers

When will the whitelisting for projects on the Layer 2 end to make the process more decentralized?

With the launch of the new Layer 2 – Godwoken, there will not be a whitelisting process anymore. We made the decision to do this to move towards our vision of creating a true public and permissionless blockchain. 

What is Nervos doing to get more games on the platform?

The business development department is always talking to teams in the gaming industry and the blockchain gaming world. I actually had the chance to participate in the playtest of a new Web3 game, and it went great, even though it was just an early version, new blockchain built games like this one show a lot of potential. 

Is the Nervos Team going to attend any events in the near future?

Our team will be at Consensus 2022, Austin, Texas in June. While Jordan and Eric won’t make it, we’ll have some great members of our team there including Matt,, Monica, Nathan, Terry and Jan. The team is excited to have a booth there to meet many of you within the community. Make sure to stop by and say hi at Consensus if you’re there. 

For this second episode of ”Hashing it Out” it was great to have Eric join and chat more about the latest developer relations updates in addition to hearing his viewpoints on some of the hottest Nervos community questions. If you didn’t get a chance to hear the discussion, we encourage you to take a listen with the link here

Make sure to be on the lookout for our next episode coming in at the end of June. 

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