Nervos Community Update: August 2021

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Updates from August include:

💻 Bounties program on @Gitcoin

🌊 Deep dive into multi-chain solutions

🆕 Update on @Yokaiswap

🔨 Announced hackathon

🔥 #NervosTrailBlazer updates

And much more!

Mainnet Beta Testing for Multi-Chain Solutions

At the beginning of August, we announced that Polyjuice, Godwoken, and Force Bridge are among the cross-chain solutions available for mainnet beta testing.

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A Deep Dive Into Nervos’ Multi-Chain Solutions

As we’re actively ramping up the development of our multi-chain solutions this Autumn, through a $200,000 prize-pool Bounties and Hackathon with Gitcoin, beta testing of a new Dex called Yokai, and launching some of our multi-chain solutions, it is probably a good time to explain these solutions further.

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Yokai Beta Testing: What You Need to Know

Beta testing for many of our multi-chain solutions is underway in the Nervos ecosystem, and we’ve been blown away by the engagement we’ve seen so far through “Broaden the Spectrum: The Other Side of the Moon,” our bounties program with Gitcoin.

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Nervos Hackathon: Broaden the Spectrum

Amid the success of our bounties program, we’re proud to be partnering with Gitcoin again on Nervos Hackathon: Broaden the Spectrum, a three-week virtual hackathon event that will bring $200,000 in prizes!

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Other News

  • Gitcoin promoted the Nervos bounties program and held a kickoff party on Airmeet. 
  • Due to overwhelming demand, two more tasks were added to the Gitcoin bounties campaign.
  • Cipher Wang, CEO of Nervina Labs, spoke at the 2021 World Blockchain Conference in Hangzhou.
  • Nervos co-founder Daniel Lv spoke at #SmartCon.
  • Blockchain developer and influencer Julien Klepatch and Nervos team member Jordan walked the community through the first four tasks of the bounties program.
  • Nervos team members Matt and Taniel held a workshop on claiming layer 2 bounties. 
  • Ben, Head of Business Development and Growth at Nervos, explained what the community should expect regarding the development of our cross-chain tools over the next few months.
  • Crypto media startup Its Blockchain posted an article about investing in Nervos #CKB.
  • Nervos spotlighted various bounties through the program, including number seven
  • Influencer Ania Kubow posted a deep dive into the Nervos ecosystem following a  mini blockchain development lesson with Jordan.
  • Taylor from the Biz Development joined the panel on an episode of ‘Hashing It Out.’ 
  • A new NFT project created by Nervos team members is coming to the ecosystem. 
  • Andrew, Nervos’ Head of Global Marketing, joined ‘Hashing It Out’ for the first time. 
  • Nervos announced the partners for the hackathon.
  • Submissions for the Nervos TrailBlazer program are open for September!

TrailBlazer Updates


  • @IndiaNervos launched on Twitter.
  • Gaming contest with 60+ participants
  • Crossed 150 Twitter followers &  70 Telegram members
  • New blog posts


  • Nervos bi-weekly updates on YouTube
  • Community growth on Telegram, YouTube, and Twitter
  • Neuron wallet testing with Korean developers 
  • Website translations for the Korean community
  • Nervos DAO tutorial


  • Quiz competition
  • Weekly news and translations for the Russian community
  • Weekly reports
  • Content creation for YouTube and TikTok
  • Growth on Twitter
  • Launch of Nerbot, an NFT marketplace created by the Russian community


  • Nervos Africa weekly article bounty
  • Community outreach in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Growth on Telegram and Twitter
  • Weekly updates
  • Giveaway on Airtime
  • Reached 700+ Twitter followers & 200+ Telegram followers


Latin America

  • Community essay contest
  • Weekly news and translation for LatAm community
  • YouTube video for hackathon

More Ecosystem & Community Content

We published more great content from the community this month. Make sure to share and mention @NervosNetwork to have your content included!

  • Neon CKB, a community-run channel, posted a great video comparing the Nervos and Polkadot ecosystems.
  • A Nervos community member, Steven, shared three videos on how to secure $CKB using the imKey hardware wallet, use Ledger hardware wallet, and purchase $CKB.
  • Jan, Chief Architect at Nervos, shared a tutorial created by a community member on how to port an Ethereum dApp to Layer 2.
  • Tanner Allard from IAMM shared a GIF explaining why building on Nervos is now even easier. 

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