Test New Multi-Chain Solutions through Nervos’ Mainnet Beta

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The Nervos ecosystem has reached a moment we’ve all been patiently waiting for and working toward. Since the launch of our mainnet Lina in 2019, we’ve marked several development milestones: several developer tools, our token standards sUDT and xUDT, our research partnership with IOHK (as well as a future bridge to Cardano!), and many more. 

Nervos’ roadmap from our founding in 2018 to 2021.

But the launch of our mainnet beta is perhaps our most important to date. We have you—our community—to thank. Since our founding in 2018, our developer community has grown steadily as more people discover Nervos and our mission to create the foundation for the future decentralized economy. Today, our community is more than 105,000 members strong and more than 50 teams are developing dApps and new blockchain solutions on CKB every day. 

So what does our mainnet beta entail? How can you begin testing our Layer 2 tools? Let’s dive in.

Multi-chain solutions at work

If you’ve been part of our community for some time, you probably know Nervos was designed with a unique layered architecture that enables it to act as an intermediary chain for trustless multi-chain interoperability. By design, the Nervos’ Layer 1, the Common Knowledge Base, serves as the foundation and is tasked with security for the network, which frees up Layer 2 to focus on scalability and interoperability with other networks. 

This is where our mainnet beta comes in. 

Right now, we’re building an ecosystem of Layer 2 solutions that target the needs of specific use cases, such as interoperability, scaling, finality, compliance, and developer productivity. With the launch of our first Layer 2 solutions, as well as the Force Bridge which operates at Layer 1, we’re opening up opportunities for developers and teams to begin experimenting with, building, and scaling dApps across not only the Nervos blockchain but also other Layer 1 chains like Ethereum.

Right now, these multi-chain solutions are available for testing:

  • Polyjuice, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible layer running on top of CKB that enables the deployment of any Ethereum dApp on the network. 
  • Godwoken, a framework to build rollups, which are scaling solutions that perform transactions outside a layer 1 blockchain such as Ethereum or Nervos, and trustlessly verify their executions on the base layer protocols. 
  • Force Bridge, a cross-chain bridge that connects Nervos to other chains, making it easier for Ethereum developers to expand their dApps and user base to the Nervos ecosystem. 


The launch of select dev tools is just the beginning. Throughout August and the next few months, we’re actively ramping up the development of our multi-chain solutions as we prepare for a major protocol update that will upgrade the CKB mainnet with new features, as well as address needed bug fixes. 

We’re also onboarding the Gitcoin platform to give our developers more ways to earn from open source projects. From now until September 4, we’ll be running a bounties campaign called Broaden the Spectrum: The Otherside of the Moon, inviting developers to perform certain tasks from August 4 to September 4 for an opportunity to earn $CKB. 

But the best part: During this campaign, our community will get to test our new Layer 2 solutions and provide us with feedback so we can prepare for our mainnet launch in the coming months. 

Ready to start experimenting and building dApps with our multi-chain solutions? Join the Gitcoin campaign.

The path forward: the decentralized economy

What else is on the horizon?

Following our initial demonstration with GliaDex, a new DEX, Yokai, is coming to Nervos. We will also open up beta testing over the next few months for this dApp to allow users to feel our multi-chain solutions in action on Nervos. This dApp will give our community a real feel for using Universal Applications, which are apps that transcend individual blockchains to work seamlessly across every chain in the ecosystem. Stay tuned for more information coming soon! 

It’s been an exciting few months preparing for our mainnet beta, but there’s still much to look forward to. If you haven’t already, connect with us Discord and your region’s Telegram so you can tell us about your experiences testing our Layer 2 tools!

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