The CKByte Token Sale

The Nervos CKByte token sale will be conducted on CoinList starting in October. See here for the most up to date details.

Please note: the Nervos CKB public sale has NOT taken place yet and no CKB tokens have been created or issued. Details of the Nervos public sale will be announced through CoinList and Nervos’ official channels in the upcoming weeks. Nervos will distribute information regarding the public sale ONLY through its official channels, and NEVER through a third party. The Nervos Foundation has not endorsed, approved or authorized any other 3rd party platforms or re-sellers. Nervos Foundation currently does not support CKB trading on any exchange or platform.

We will provide further details of the Nervos CKB public sale through our official channels over the coming weeks. For the most up to date details please check out our recent announcement.

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