The CKByte Token Sale

The CKByte (Common Knowledge Byte) is the native token of the Nervos CKB. The CKbyte represents ownership of the Common Knowledge Base blockchain and is used as a store of value and resource management. Equivalent to owning land, with the CKByte you can rent out your space, use it to store assets, smart contracts and other types of “common knowledge” or simply “hodl” in the Nervos DAO for value preservation.

The CKbyte scales with value creation through other tokens, assets, data and smart contracts deployed on the network. As the Nervos network grows, so does the demand for the CKByte token. It is this innovative crypto-economic design that ensures the network’s "store of asset" properties, aligns all participants and secures the network’s future indefinitely.

The Nervos DAO is an inflation shelter from secondary issuance used to manage state storage and provide sustainable incentives for miners. Store of Value users can lock their tokens in the Nervos DAO and receive interest in proportion to this inflation. In this way your tokens are never diluted beyond a fixed cap.

The Nervos CKByte token sale is scheduled for Q3 2019 and Mainnet launch in Q4 2019 - see here for the most up to date details.

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