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Our team is a diverse group with backgrounds in engineering, research, cryptography, and business. We are all passionate about decentralized technology and the impact it will have on this world.

Jan Xie
Co-founder, architect and researcher
Founder at Cryptape, former researcher & developer at the Ethereum Foundation focused on Casper & Sharding, Co-founder of, and former architect at Peatio.
Terry Tai
Co-founder, CEO of Nervos Foundation
Core developer at Yunbi & Peatio,
Co-founder of
Daniel Lv
Former CTO of imToken (world’s largest Ethereum wallet), former CTO of Yunbi, and Co-founder of
Kevin Wang
Co-founder at Launch School and software engineer at IBM Silicon Valley Lab.
Shawn Wang
Business Development
Chief Operating Officer at Cryptape.
Bo Wang
Chief Product Officer at Cryptape, former Director at the Blockchain Lab of the China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation.
Ren Zhang
Former researcher at Blockstream focused on Blockchain consensus protocols, security and privacy.Ph.D. from KU Leuven.
Alan Szepieniec
Cryptography researcher with PhD from KU Leuven
Ke Wang
Software engineer at Cryptape.
David Zou
Economic Advisor
Former chief economist at Bitmain, founding partner of Nanhu Finance Corporation and helped the city of Nanhu near Shanghai to develop its financial district and financial regulatory framework. Prior to this he held various positions in sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corporation. In 2015, he won the Sun Yefang Prize for Financial Innovation, China’s top prize for economists.
Jiasun Li
Research Scientist
Lijiasun’s research focuses on Cryptoeconomics. Assistant Professor of Finance at George Mason University School of Business.
Qianhong Wu
Research Scientist
Qianhong’s research focuses on cryptography. Professor at Beihang University.
Ian Yang
Focus on system design and official client implementation, former CTO at Hooya Game, and former software engineer at Groupon.
Xuejie Xiao
Software Engineer with five years of professional experience in addition to multiple significant published projects, conference presentations, writing, PhD studies, and a one-year Google internship.
Linfeng Qian
Enjoy coding in Rust. Trying hard to write elegant code. Former Python web developer, now be attracted by blockchain technologies.
Dingwei Zhang
Blockchain engineer at Cryptape.
Quake Wang
Over 20 years developing experience, enjoy solving problems with coding.
Jinyang Jiang
Coder at Cryptape.
Drift Luo
James Chen
A passionate programmer.
Tannr Allard
Software engineer with experience in distributed and p2p networks. Enjoys studying analytic philosophy and formal systems.
Chris Ragobeer
Developer Relation
15 years of professional experience developing software for enterprises, small businesses and startups.
Haichao Zhu
Former researcher at Microsoft Research and Tokyo University.
Ecosystem Development
Toya worked previously as the executive assistant of Ethereum Foundation. She helped with building, the largest Chinese Ethereum community.
Jane Wu
Marketing & Community
Former marketing at Bodhi prediction market, previously journalist at ELLE and Financial Times.
Ryan Chen
Community Manager
Aimee Zhu
Developer Relation
Yu Chen
FE Engineer
Keyue Qi

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