Roadmap 2020

In 2019 we reached multiple milestones, the most significant being the community led launch of CKB mainnet Lina, built from the ground up and delivered on schedule without compromise. While delivering a fully functional layer 1 blockchain is a significant step toward our goal —a decentralized economy running on top of a suite of protocols— we have a lot of work ahead in 2020.

CKB is a unique Proof of Work blockchain with a new and bespoke consensus mechanism, hashing function, programming model, virtual machine, and economic model. True to our core principles, we didn't redefine our goals or compromise on what we delivered. We see this as a rare achievement in the current blockchain space, and it's something we are very proud of. We also realize we are still at the beginning of our journey and have a lot to tackle in the upcoming year.

For 2020 we have targeted even greater objectives. While by no means an exhaustive list, these key areas of focus — Development, research, and community—we believe are fundamental to achieving our long term goals.



While we’ll continue to improve the CKB protocol and on-chain development, a big focus in 2020 will be in two off-chain areas: developer experience and layer 2. The core team will keep improving the developer experience, providing more programming language options for smart contracts, more powerful RPCs, more mature SDKs, and better documentation.



Layer 2 is an active area of research and development, and we’re going to explore three directions in 2020: channels, chain-based protocols, and zkp-based protocols. We’re actively participating in zero-knowledge proof research and working on prototypes of channels and zkp-based protocols.


Developer Community

We’ll spend much of 2020 and the resources we have to continue to grow our developer community. The success of the Nervos Network is going to largely depend on developers that experiment and build on top of the platform.

The Grants Program and the Regional Leads Program are the focal points of how we deploy resources, and a key strategy for how we will identify and implement developer experience improvements and layer 2 projects. Along with these programs, we’ll play a facilitating role on engineering infrastructure, key protocols and standards, ecosystem integrations, and developer-focused educational events and hackathons.


The Multi-asset, Store of Value Blockchain

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