Ecosystem Grants Program

Nervos is building the infrastructure for the decentralized economy and we can’t do it alone. The Grants Program was created to empower innovation and development, and to support the growth of a diverse and thriving ecosystem.

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Common Vision, Common Goals, Common Knowledge

Nervos is a fully open source project. Our long term vision for Nervos is to be fully decentralized in all aspects and community led. Part of our journey to achieving this is bootstrapping and empowering individuals, projects and teams who share a common vision for the project.

If you share our vision, and have the experience and skills to deliver on any project within the scope of a grant category currently open - we invite you to apply for funding and join us as we build out the Nervos Ecosystem.

Check out all the accepted and current grant projects here.

What is the application process?

The grant application process consists of 3 rounds, the first being a grant proposal abstract posted to Nervos Talk Forum for initial approval of the concept and team, the second being an detailed/ technical specification posted into the same thread below the abstract and the third round being a final Q&A Discussion with the review council. Apply below or learn more about the Grant Categories and read the FAQ's.


1. Post your proposal on Nervos Talk


2. Publish your detailed specification


3. Final review from the review council

Grant Categories

The grants program and funding is a fundamental part of empowering and bootstraping the community to take a leading role in the growth of Nervos Network.

The scope of the grants program will be broad and across all aspects of ecosystem building to allow anyone around the world the potential to join the community and help grow the Nervos Ecosystem.

Initial grants open for application focus on infrastructure building and developing the foundation for which the network and ecosystem can grow.

Each grant category has a scope of work for that specific category to give guidance and recommendations for potential applicants. For information on open grant categories and scope of work within each category, please head over to the Nervos Talk thread.


Infrastructure Grants


Marketing & community building grants


App and use case grants


Sponsorship and promotion grants


Scholarship, bursary and personal grants



Accepted Grants

This page provides an overview of accepted grants. Please note that not all accepted grants have completed. All grant proposals and discussion threads can be found at Nervos Talk.


Summa - Bitcoin-spv (github)

Bitcoin-spv is a low-level toolkit for working with Bitcoin from CKB and other blockchains. It supplies a set of pure functions that can be used to validate almost all Bitcoin transactions and headers, as well as higher-level functions that can evaluate header chains and transaction inclusion proofs. It also supplies a standardized JSON format for proofs. Currently off-chain proof (de)serialization is supported in Golang, Python, and JS.


Obsidian Labs - CKB Studio (GitHub)

CKB Studio is an IDE to develop CKB scripts on the Nervos blockchain. It includes:


Lay2 - PW SDK (GitHub)

PW SDK is a simple and powerful SDK for building CKB dApps.

  • PW Core - a front-end JS SDK based on Typescript, which allows developers to directly develop CKB dApps that run in all the blockchain wallets supported by PW lock.
  • PW lock - a generic multi-chain lock script that verifies signatures from other blockchains, and maps the addresses provided to a valid CKB address.
  • PW lib - various types of cryptographic primitives such as the Keccak-256 hash library for verifying Ethereum signatures, the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) Secp256r1 (NIST P-256) library, and more.

Docs of PW SDK: Building CKB dApps in the easiest way


Obsidian Systems - Ledger App (Github)

Ledger Hardware Wallet for CKB.


SECBIT Labs - Zero Knowledge Proofs Toolkit (GitHub)

A Zero-knowledge proofs toolkit for CKB, empowering the community with the cutting-edge techniques of zero-knowledge proofs to develop all kinds of decentralized applications.


Synapse - Browser Wallet and Keyper Agency (Github)

Synapse is a browser extension wallet that manages assets on Nervos CKB. In addition to the common features of a wallet, it can also be used to interact with DApps through a user’s browser.


LeapDAO - Sidechain framework (GitHub)

A framework that easily allows launch of a sidechain on nervos network.


Insight - Automated Stratum V2 mining pool (Github)

Support for next-generation mining communication protocol Stratum V2 and the automation of mining pool software deployment.


BlockABC - CKB SDK and Web Auth (GitHub)

One Chain CKB is an SDK designed by the BlockABC team to solve the Nervos CKB chain compatibility in wallet development based on ckb-sdk-js.


Growfi - UDT Swap (GitHub)

UDTswap is a proof of concept automated exchange protocol using multiple liquidity pool economy on Nervos. UDTswap is a decentralized exchange that replaces order books with an on-chain liquidity pool.

  • Supports CKB and UDT based pools
  • Supports multiple pools for same CKB and UDT pairs
  • Supports multiple swaps for different pools

The Multi-asset, Store of Value Blockchain

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