Godwoken is Live

Godwoken, our EVM compatible layer is live, providing a fast, scalable and familiar platform for decentralized applications. Join the Godwoken Whitelisting program.
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What is Godwoken?

Godwoken is an EVM compatible layer 2 built on Nervos Layer 1.

Godwoken is an optimistic rollup ultimately inheriting security from layer 1. Godwoken provides instant transaction finality with low fees and a completely Ethereum compatible environment on Nervos

Why choose Godwoken?

Be the first to benefit from a powerful, secure, inherently multi-chain blockchain ecosystem with low fees and quick transaction times. 

With Nervos, Ethereum blockchain developers will be able to port dApps seamlessly, allowing them to be part of the next generation DeFi ecosystem.

How is Godwoken Different?

Godwoken is an inherently multi-chain solution utilizing advanced account abstraction that allows for flexible wallet support, or traditional user accounts, for an internet-like experience.

Cross-chain assets such as ETH and ERC-20 tokens can be utilized on deployed dApps through Nervos' Force Bridge.

Godwoken Whitelisting Program

The Mainnet Beta will allow Nervos to closely monitor the network, push fixes and roll out improvements.