The Nervos
GIF Contest

Nervos can do what other blockchain’s say is impossible, and we want you to explore, discover and share all those blockchain impossibilities that Nervos is overcoming.

Do some research, understand our technology and create a Yes, You Can! Gif to win a $CKB prize.

What is Yes You Can?

By now, you must be tired of hearing all that blockchain’s are not capable of. But, at Nervos we have powerful tools and a flexible layer 1 that allows for so much possibility. Watch the video below to get some ideas of all that we can do with Yes, You Can!

Learn more about Universal Passport

What Makes Us Different?

Nervos is working to be the leader in interoperability, but we are not the only ones in the field. However, when it comes to interoperability we do it differently from most. One of our community members made this useful chart for you to understand what makes us different. This can also help you on your way to creating some great Yes, You Can! Gifs.

Other useful links

Nervos Blockchain
Cell Model
Universal Passport


What makes a Yes You Can Asset?

A great YES, YOU CAN GIF has the following:

A negative statement (something not possible on other blockchains) + And a positive affirmation that it is possible thanks to the Universal Passport and Nervos.


Combining these two elements will make for a great GIF entry.

Need help creating a GIF?

Follow the simple guide below:

Create a GIF with Giphy
1. Go to Giphy GIF Maker (You’ll need an account)
2. Paste the video url:
3. Pick your favorite clip
4. Decorate
5. Share and Tag us!

Create a short Video
1. Download our video source: (wetransfer)
2. Create your own scenarios
3. Share and Tag us!

How do I enter?

Simply embed your GIF in a tweet using the #YesYouCan hashtag
and tag us at @nervosnetwork

For official rules and prizes, download the full terms and conditions below.

Download Terms & Conditions