XP Network Finishes Integrating its NFT Bridge on Nervos to Initiate the First Interoperable Creator Economy


XP Network integrates its powerful cross-chain NFT bridge to further Nervos’ goal of becoming a platform for universal and interoperable applications. The NFT bridge connects together a wide range of EVM and non-EVM chains. XP has now added support for Godwoken, a L2 network built on Nervos.

Nervos Network offers a robust platform for universal applications. More recently, the Nervos Network has been developing a rich NFT ecosystem consisting of several marketplaces and products driven by content creators and providers. Thanks to the latest integration with the powerful XP Network NFT bridge, the NFT ecosystem on Nervos can now go cross-chain. Using XP Network’s JavaScript API library, users can connect any dApp, chain, or NFT collection to not only tap into the multi-chain NFT ecosystem but start creating the first interoperable NFT ecosystem, connecting major chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and more. The bridge enables cross-chain marketplaces, NFT-based games, and cross-chain DeFi. It offers a range of possibilities, such as controlling an NFT on Nervos that lives on another chain, transferring NFTs with their original smart contract logic, and allowing users to select the token they’d like to use to transact on the network. This is incredibly convenient for NFT users in EVM-based environments who can control their NFT natively, directly from Nervos.

The bridge has been built to satisfy the needs of different users on the Nervos Network and offers a compact solution for NFT transactions, the first of its kind. Now, NFT users on Nervos can use the bridge’s user interface to transact and trade. All users, such as NFT owners, traders, investors, collectors, and artistic content creators, can seamlessly control NFTs from the user interface.

Nervos developers can utilize the JavaScript library to create the first real cross-chain games. Players spread across blockchains can use Godwoken’s design to seamlessly play games with users on other networks through the XP Network bridge. Those creating and maintaining cross-chain marketplaces can save a ton on expenditures and developer hours by using the ever-growing JS library which allows users to purchase NFTs from any chain while paying for the assets and the transaction fees with the token of their choice. In addition, NFT projects which prefer global over local presence can expose freshly minted collections to hundreds of communities at once as the bridge widens the reach of their NFTs.

For wrapped NFTs to be considered “native” on foreign chains, they must be minted according to the standard of the target chains. The XP Network NFT Bridge is the sole NFT gateway for several chains (Elrond, Algorand, Tezos, Velas, Fuse to name a few). The bridge converts native NFTs of the departure chain to the corresponding standards on the destination chain (for example: the ERC-721 standard for EVM-based blockchains). XP Network aims to become the one-stop solution for the global NFT ecosystem.

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