Why Nervos? Interoperability and Mass Adoption

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The Nervos Network is a platform looking to change the way we view the blockchain ecosystem today, and into the future. The network is tackling some of the issues we see today in blockchain, such as scaling and security, but it is also looking to build an internet-like experience with its multi-chain strategy. 

At the heart of Nervos’ multi-chain strategy is its take on interoperability and how that can lead to mass adoption. 

To get a better understanding of Nervos’  approach to interoperability, it is worthwhile understanding universal applications. We would like to share with you a video created by a member of the Nervos community that does just this. 

We will also be breaking down what is said in the video in the article below!

The Nervos Network Makes Interoperability Universal

Nervos derives a lot of its power and flexibility from the fact that it is a secure multi-layered smart-contract platform. This makes interoperability from the network much easier.

The number of blockchain projects has grown exponentially in a short space of time. Each project has its own assets, applications and users. 

A user who wants to benefit from all of the available ecosystems will need to own multiple wallets with multiple private keys and seed phrases, which can become very inconvenient.

This early stage siloed blockchain ecosystem is arguably one of the major obstacles to mainstream adoption.

Nervos Network offers the most comprehensive and flexible form of interoperability in the industry today. Nervos envisions a future where users, assets and applications can move seamlessly from one ecosystem to another, without the user even knowing.

So what are the key features of Nervos’ approach to interoperability?

Maximum flexibility:

Because of the construction of the Layer 1 CKB, Nervos operates at the lowest foundational level, by emulating hardware itself on its virtual machine. This enables it to adapt quickly to future changes in the industry because the developer is given the flexibility of a full computer in a blockchain environment.

Adopting new cryptography – as in the fundamentals of another chain – is a massive undertaking that requires a hard fork on many other platforms. On Nervos, it’s as simple as importing a new library into your smart contract.

Maximum scope: 

Nervos’ vision of interoperability does not require that other projects be forced to conform to a single protocol. This is an unrealistic expectation for an industry where innovation occurs rapidly, and competing protocols are always changing.

Not all interoperability solutions are created equal, and many stop at a superficial level. Nervos excels in this regard, by demonstrating that it has the ability to adapt itself to the protocols of other platforms. 

With the Force Bridge, Nervos is able to connect to any other blockchain platform and transfer assets back and forth between the two in a decentralized manner. 

With Godwoken, the first  EVM-compatible Layer 2, Nervos is able to execute unmodified smart contracts from other platforms with higher performance and additional functionality not found on the original platform. 

Finally, With PW-SDK, Nervos is able to unify multiple dApp front-ends into a single seamless interface for users.

Maximum ease of use:

Nervos gives blockchain users a simplified experience and an internet-like level of usability. 

One secure login is all that’s needed to access all connected ecosystems. Even better all users on connected blockchains can access Nervos dApps using their existing wallet, even if it wasn’t designed for Nervos. Nervos is literally the universal passport to blockchain.

For developers who want to build on Nervos, they can access the entire constellation of connected blockchains and users with a single dApp, instead of having to build and support multiple separate dApps across each different platform.

Nervos Network will allow the free flow of users, assets, and applications across blockchains. In doing so, Nervos does not compete with other ecosystems, it unites them. With Nervos, everybody wins.

To watch the Nervos Nation video on “Interoperability: Why Nervos Network will be Key to Crypto Mass Adoption”, click here!

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