Why Nervos? A Multi-Chain Platform for Blockchain Developers

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The Nervos Network is a Multi-Chain platform that intends to enable developers to create a seamless Web 3.0 experience. The platform is built in a way that empowers innovation, encourages flexibility and allows for users and developers to further get closer to that of a Web 2.0 like experience.

To get a better understanding of Nervos’ focus on creating the tools to enable developers to build with a Multi-Chain approach, it is worthwhile understanding why Nervos is the next big platform for blockchain developers. To do this, we would like to share with you a video created by a member of the Nervos community that highlights five reasons.

We will also be breaking down what is said in the video in the article below!

The Foundations of Nervos

At the foundation of the ecosystem is the layer 1 CKB blockchain. It is designed to maximize security and decentralization. It provides trust and validation to all layers built on top of it. 

Layer 2 is designed to maximize scalability and throughput with near-instant transaction finality. Multiple Layer 2s can be used in parallel to give higher throughput and bring additional features to the ecosystem.

Structurally, the Nervos virtual machine uses the RISC-V computer architecture which gives blockchain developers a level of flexibility and power that cannot be found on any other platform. This makes it easy for Nervos to quickly adapt to rapid changes in the industry, or respond to future challenges such as quantum computing.

Five Reasons to Get Building

There are five good reasons for blockchain developers to consider building their applications on Nervos – regardless if they are already building on Ethereum or other chains.

Build once, connect to everyone

Nervos leverages the flexibility of its programming model to adapt to the unique characteristics of the target blockchain to achieve a deeper level of interoperability. This, in turn, results in a better experience for the user, making the use of dApps a simple and seamless process within Nervos.

The process starts with Force Bridge, a cross-chain bridge that allows assets like tokens and NFTs to move freely back and forth between Nervos and other networks. This puts it on par with many of the other projects in a similar realm, but Nervos builds even further upon this capability.

Nervos’ ability to adapt means that it can support multiple address formats from other blockchains directly on the Nervos blockchain. This means that users can use their existing dApp wallets with dApps built on Nervos even though the wallet was never designed to support Nervos. This means there is nothing new to install and nothing new to learn, everything just works seamlessly.

The Force bridge is now live with Ethereum and BNB Chain, the first supported chains. A number of bridges to some of the largest communities are imminent and will be launched in 2022. 

Nervos’ goal is to eventually provide bridges to all of the major blockchains, giving developers access to the largest reach as possible. Developers get massive efficiency savings because on Nervos, all users will be able to use their dApp without having to create a separate version for every individual chain. Through the capability enabled by Nervos, developers no longer need to create dApps that can require extensive resources to build on other blockchains. Eventually, all dApps on Nervos will be connected to many blockchains thereby making the dApp an instant UNIVERSAL dapp.

Godwoken runs existing smart contracts with ease

Godwoken is a flexible Layer 2 designed for scalability and Ethereum compatibility. It is fully compatible with the Ethereum programming environment – EVM – which means that existing dApps written in the Solidity programming language can port to Nervos with no smart contract changes necessary. Ethereum developers will feel right at home building on Nervos.

Fast, cheap, secure

Godwoken is able to provide near-instant transaction finality using a cutting-edge optimistic rollup solution – the ideal Layer 2 for DeFi dApps.

Transaction fees are kept low due to Nervos’ unique economic model, which rewards miners from multiple sources instead of requiring high transaction fees to secure the network.

All dApps enjoy the benefit of the extremely high security and decentralization of Nervos’ Layer 1. Even dApps built on Layer 2 benefit since Layer 2 is tethered to Layer 1. This means that Layer 2 directly inherits the security benefits of Layer 1 while gaining a massive boost in throughput.

Permissionless and open source

Nervos Network is a truly decentralized and a permissionless platform. This means all developers can participate without applying for approval or participating in auctions for limited slots. 

Just acquire the CKB you need to store your smart contract on the blockchain and you’re good to go. And if you no longer need your smart contract in the future, delete it and get your original CKB deposit back.

Be a pioneer in the future decentralized economy.

Nervos Network’s flexibility, interoperability, and innovative multi-layer design will cement Nervos as a key player in the digital ecosystems of the future. Early adopters of the platform will gain a clear advantage; taking claim to valuable market share in a quickly growing ecosystem with explosive potential.

To watch the Nervos Nation video on “Nervos Network is the NEXT BIG platform for blockchain developers: 5 reasons why”, click here!

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