Welcome to the TrailBlazers


We are excited to launch a new initiative from the Nervos Network, aimed at growing our global blockchain ecosystem with the help of the Nervos community members across the globe.

We have created the TrailBlazer program as a way to increase the scope of Nervos’ reach in different locations around the world, but to also offer an opportunity for our community members to be a part of the expansion process.

TrailBlazing, for us, means pioneering to spread the word on Nervos and to make the project more accessible for all those who have an interest in what we are doing. We understand that to be a global force we need a global reach — and we want our community to be the leaders on this.


The TrailBlazer program offers an opportunity for all to be involved in the success of the Nervos Network. We are looking for people to bring the different skills to the table; from community building, content creating, translating and even just sharing our news, in order to grow Nervos.

We have designed this program to be available for all, and offer rewards at every level, meaning that you can TrailBlaze for Nervos by doing something as basic as retweeting our announcements through the Gleam campaigns.

On the other end of the scale, we are also looking for more involved community builders to create a buzz about Nervos where they live. Content creators, moderators and translators can also all apply to perform one off tasks and be rewarded in $CKB

To find out more about where you could fit into this program, visit https://www.nervos.org/trailblazer/.

Be like #TrailBlazerStanley and become a Nervos TrailBlazer. Watch the full video on YouTube.

We are looking for a host of different people, in different locales, all with different skill sets. If you would like to be a community leader in your area, we’d invite you to apply for a position as this role is not intended to be a one-off grant. Candidates will be interviewed and their effectiveness within the local community will be assessed.

For those looking to do TrailBlazer Tasks, like content creating and moderation, submit proposals and we will review them on a monthly basis.

Finally, keep an eye out for opportunities to complete TrailBlazer blasts which will be run through different Gleam campaigns — these will be announced on our social media channels and will offer you the chance to be rewarded for completing simple tasks.

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