TrailBlazer Spotlight — Leigh: TB Manager & a New Nervosophy

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The Nervos TrailBlazer program is an important facet to our ever-growing ecosystem. We build the program as a way for community members across the globe to contribute to the success and betterment of Nervos as an inclusive network. 

From people in different locales creating and curating content in their native languages to moderators and advocates of Nervos helping us educate and explain the mission, TrailBlazers are integral to us.

With this in mind, we have brought Leigh  on board to help us manage the TrailBlazer effort and take it to the next level. Let’s get to know Leigh a little better!

NervosNetwork: Hi Leigh! Can you tell us about your journey in blockchain and crypto and how you entered the space?

Leigh: So I’ve been an investor for around 10 years. I’d heard of Bitcoin when it first came out but never really got involved in it, but as soon as a friend told me he was involved with buying bitcoin, I knew that it was my destiny to get involved in some way. The BTC white paper was what finally got me hooked (I had to read it a few times to understand it of course).

I initially viewed crypto from afar for a few months but never entered the market until I did a lot of research on what the technology was, how to enter, and then how to exit if needed.

I quickly became engrossed in the projects. I knew from the get go this wasn’t just an update in tech, but an evolutionary process of what we thought had value, a paradigm shift in the face of global economics and to help change the ethos of centralised financial institutions and their monopolies.

It was everything I believed needed to change after watching the monetary and political landscape of the legacy systems employed globally, that had helped mold our generations to the point of massive unhappiness amongst the youth and a decay within those societies. It was  tearing down the constructs of society, but more importantly it was helping to rebuild them.

NN: How did you get involved in Nervos, and why do you think Nervos is a project worth supporting?

Leigh: Oh i got involved in January 2021, i’d stumbled across it looking for projects to invest in, it was on a list of five that i chose to research. I had been looking for something philosophical and technically different. I could see Nervos were attempting to achieve something not seen before, creating two layers, two blockchains working in sympatico by the same team.

I saw it was a natural abstraction of BTC and Ethereum by using a layered approach to scaling, the tokenomics and nuances in this esteemed project captured my imagination.

Most projects all seem to sing from the same hymn sheet.

Nervos seemed to be that link to improve upon these abstractions whilst helping to bridge to every noteworthy project within the space.

It’s a system that seemed to detract away from Maxi tribalism within crypto and help work together, instead of against other projects. This was all along my theory about how the blockchain industry would evolve, little did I know Nervos would agree with me.

Once I saw Jan Xie and Ren Zhang were on the team, my eyes suddenly lit up and my path was set. I stumbled into the TG group and then into the unofficial community and came across a very small group of die hard investors and started to ask a lot of questions.

Nervos became my mission to understand, slowly but surely I delved into the world of CKB and made it my goal to understand how and why this project came to fruition. Subconsciously i think i paved my way into eventually working for Nervos, it became a dream target and my goal was to help push the project on in which way i could, mostly notably it was through the community.

NN: What is your ultimate goal with the TrailBlazer program, how does it fit into what Nervos is trying to do on a community level? 

Leigh: So the trailblazer program i actually wasn’t involved in to begin with, i didn’t even apply officially, i felt i wasn’t quite there yet and felt i needed to prove myself and help in any which way i could and Most Notably through my twitter account cr00kednervosness.

I started to bring in new investors outside our community. Once I started helping out as a moderator (with the help of Luis at Nervos and an unofficial community member named William) I started helping grow the community. I was told that I could be that conduit for community growth.

That gave me the confidence to start contacting the team. I was amazed at the reactions and trust I got and assurances that if I became useful with enthusiasm, my passion would catapult me into the Nervos Network project. That’s true community spirit not only shared by us, but also by the team at Nervos. The power of the community is so important, it’s very much recognised by the foundation, or I wouldn’t be here at all.

This is what Nervos has done community wise IMO, i’m the proof that Nervos doesn’t take the community ethos lightly, they have helped ordinary investors like me have a say in the project, they have encouraged me the entire way.

NN: How has your time at Nervos been thus far? 

Leigh: It’s been an amazing year for me finding Nervos and meandering my way around a cornucopia of problems not only in my private life but in my career changing life too.

Which is why I’m dedicated to helping other trailblazers and the community into getting positions within the foundation and spreading the gospel about what it means to be involved with CKB.

I have been very lucky to have been given full support by the community. I deleted all outside media so I could focus on helping to market this project. I became an unofficial Trailblazer which later evolved into being asked for my CV. There’s nothing more community driven than that!

NN: What are your goals as the new trailBlazer manager?

Leigh: My goal is to expand the community, expand the amount of trailblazers and help grow the project, help evolve its structure, ensure everyone gets a part to play and a say in the ecosystems projects. Overall I aim to help coordinate the trailblazers into achieving global success of our innovative technology.

I want to help and coordinate the trailblazers to be everything they want to be, to support them, to guide them in market campaigns and to help them help themselves to be whatever they want within the remit of Nervos.

I generally lead by example. In this way I’m not only talking, but I’m walking the walk alongside them. Passion is the key to successful trailblazing marketing, and I have bundles. I hope that this inspires all trailblazers around me to achieve targets and goals set upon them by me. Nervos isn’t just a foundation, it’s a family, it’s a gateway to encourage community growth and spirit. 

Nervosophy can spread like wildfire and the detail is in the numbers, Nervos understand this. The community is everything. Now I’m here, I can help relay that to others. Work hard, show determination. This isn’t just a day job. It’s an ideology I don’t see as a negative. Nervos need the community as much as the community needs them. Feedback is a two way street that aids both sides as long as it’s constructive. Nervos are open to the power of the community.

NN: For you, what makes an ideal TrailBlazer for Nervos?

Leigh: They must show commitment, loyalty, trust and above all inspire others to join us.

They must be humble and friendly, they must show that we need to work together without angst or harsh criticism in other projects.

They must be effective, afterall, these projects one day will eventually be our partners, and importantly they should believe all roads will lead to Nervos.

Trailblazers should be the bastions of Nervosophy, they should be committed to spreading the word, be eager and understand the tech that Jan Xie has graced us with.

The white paper should be the first thing they think about when exploring ways to market us. There are so many great quotes within our documents that it’s very difficult to not be inspired. There are no excuses with Kevin Wang, Jan Xie and Ren Zhang on the team. Inspiration is in abundance, trailblazers must understand this and use it as fuel to push us forward. They should be benchmarks for the community to aspire to.

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