TrailBlazer Spotlight — Jinho: South Korea


TrailBlazer Spotlight — Jinho: South Korea

In Part One of our TrailBlazer Spotlight Series, we spoke to Jinho, from South Korea. He gave us some insight into the South Korean blockchain space and how it has been growing a Nervos community over there.

Jinho has been actively, and successfully, growing the Korean Nervos community in a number of ways. He is involved in growth campaigns focused on Telegram, Twitter, and has been working with PR agencies to get articles written about Nervos.

Some of Jinho’s successes in the Nervos TrailBlazer program has seen him getting media coverage in South Korea when Nervos partnered with Cardano, and when $CKB was listed on Binance.

Over to Jinho!

1. What are some current trends or topics being discussed in the blockchain / crypto Korean community?

Jinho: The Korean community is very interested in the values of crypto against fiat currency and layer2 solutions. Due to the high volatility, the crypto was considered as just a way of speculation until now. But as many tycoons and IBs are joining this field, ordinary people started looking at the possibility of blockchain & crypto. Also, NFTs and DeFi are hot like the global community.

2. Can you tell us a bit about what folks are saying in regards to Nervos?

Jinho: The reality is a lot of people are not aware of Nervos yet, as few exchanges listed CKB and we haven’t put much effort in the Korean market yet. But we are getting more traffic and attention from the community thanks to localized blog posts and SEO, definitely.

3. How has the landscape changed since the pandemic? What kind of events are people hosting now?

Jinho: All the events are taking place online and people don’t like organizing any offline events. The government encourages people not to gather if there are more than 5 people. A lot of small-medium businesses went bankrupt due to the pandemic but IT companies got great opportunities thanks to the social distancing.

4. What are some wrong assumptions people make when trying to grow a community in Korea?

Jinho: Marketing without increasing the intrinsic values of the project will fail at the end. Imprudent airdrops and rewards can make unexpected side effects.

5. Can you tell us a bit about your experience growing a community for Nervos? What have been the biggest challenges? What has been successful?

Jinho: Challenges: The awareness of Nervos itself is not that satisfactory here yet, as only CoinOne listed Nervos among Korean exchanges. Also, the website localization must be prioritized as we cannot provide Koreans with official local content yet through the homepage.

Successful: Community events and press release campaigns showed much better results than expected. It means that we have potential to ramp up the engagement from the Korean community.

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