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Community Spotlight - Latam

In Part Two of our TrailBlazer Spotlight Series, we spoke to community lead Eduardo Garza, from the Latin America region.

Just like Jinho, from South Korea, Eduardo gave us some insight into the blockchain space across the Latin America region and how it has been growing a Nervos community over there.

Over to Eduardo !

1. What are some current trends or topics being discussed in the blockchain // crypto LATAM community?

Eduardo: The current trends and topics on the LatAm community are around DeFi, NFTs, and L2 chains, crypto users are looking for scalability and lower transaction fees as we have seen that the most popular smart contract blockchain becomes unusable for the people on the latin america region because of the very high gas fees transactions. This includes a diversity of people like developers, traders, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.

2. Can you tell us a bit about what folks are saying in regards to Nervos?

Eduardo: They are talking about the interoperability 2.0 potential that Nervos brings to the crypto space to unify web3 and take it to the masses.

3. How has the landscape changed since the pandemic? What kind of events are people hosting now? 

Eduardo: It has changed to a major digital adoption in the development region that is LatAm, big conferences, workshops, hackathons and meetups have switched to a digital mode, we now see more online social/chat groups emerging and lots of people attending these types of livestream events.

4. What are some wrong assumptions people make when trying to grow community in LATAM?

Eduardo: Not supporting localized/translation educational efforts for the community to have real valuable resources on our native language Spanish. Not doing adequate market/community research and campaigns to really understand and fulfill the needs and solutions than can be provided by this emerging technology web3. And not support grassroots movements that bring culture and principles to the ecosystem.

5. Can you tell us a bit about your experience growing a community for Nervos? What have been the biggest challenges? What has been successful?

Eduardo: Challenges: More awareness of the ecosystem potential, and us the community feel it is because of the lack of prototypes or/and projects that can really showcase the potential of NervosCKB, and also because not having $CKB token listed on LatAm top exchanges platforms.

Successful: Nervos is becoming a pioneer blockchain network in the LatAm region for providing strong and resourceful educational efforts and partnerships with key tech hubs, blockchain academies and media sources across all of the region. The community really appreciates our efforts and quality of work; and this is by far the most valuable experience. 

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