The Nervos Network Bulletin: October 2022


What happened this month?

Nervos had a busy October, with updates from great dApp partners, as well as expanding our presence at workshops and fireside chats.

.bit’s SubDIDs are Live

The decentralized account system known as .bit, built on the Nervos Layer 1 and the second largest adopted DID, has launched its SubDID. This expands opportunities for communities, DAOs, organizations, KOLs, and celebrities within the decentralized identity space.

Read more here.

Migrate Your Nervapes from the Nervos L1 to Godwoken 

Nervape, an NFT collection with legendary stories built on the Nervos Layer 1 blockchain, has announced its Nervape Bridge Beta Testing is now open. The one-way bridge will allow users to migrate their NFTs from the Nervos $CKB L1 onto the Godwoken Layer 2.

Read more here.

NC-Max: Breaking the Security-Performance Tradeoff in Nakamoto Consensus Published on NDSS

Nervos’ researcher Dr. Ren Zhang’s paper on NC-Max was recently accepted and published on the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS), the most credible security symposium. The paper discusses the optimization of NC-Max. 

Read it here.

Mining Explained, A Workshop

Matt Quinn, Ecosystem Development Manager at Nervos, held several workshops and talks this month on the Nervos Network infrastructure and PoW (Proof-of-Work), which serves as the basis for the Nervos Layer 1. 

In this in-depth workshop with Anthony (@SigmaPrism), Community Ambassador for Ergo, Matt gives a thorough explanation of mining processes powered by PoW.

Watch it here.

There is no Web3 without Interopability Talk

In a more recent talk, Matt and Chjango (Ecosystem Developer from Cosmos) discuss interoperability, focusing on how to innovate the space towards a more integrated future. They state that blockchains will eventually become an IoT.

Watch it here.

Nervos $CKB Infographics

We have been actively providing useful insights and information to the community through infographics, to easily understand the Nervos blockchain technology.

Take a look at the  Nervos Community 

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