The Nervos Network Bulletin: May 2022

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What Happened this Month? 

May was a special month for Nervos as we welcomed the arrival of the Nervos Layer 1 – Major Protocol Upgrade, launched our new Hashing it Out program, announced our upcoming BlockJam virtual global conference and much more. Make sure to read through some of our biggest accomplishments for the month!

The Nervos Layer 1 – Major Protocol Upgrade has Arrived

On May 10th Major Protocol Upgrade arrived for the Nervos Layer 1. This was a major achievement that couldn’t have been done without the help and support of all our partners, the foundation and the entire community. The upgrade introduced numerous benefits for both developers and end users. 

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Hashing it out – Episode 01: Q&A

At the end of April, we launched our new Hashing it Out program. In case you missed it, catch the first episode here!

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Twitter Spaces Recap: Jan Xie and The Nervos Layer 1 – Major Protocol Upgrade 

After the Major Protocol Upgrade launched, Nervos’ Chief Architect Jan Xie came on to Twitter Spaces to discuss what this upgrade means to the Nervos community. In case you’ve missed it, we have summarized the key points that Jan mentioned during the discussion. 

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Nervos Launches BlockJam 

The Nervos Network announced an exciting new event called BlockJam: A Virtual Conference for Game Developers Looking to Harness the Power of Blockchain which starts June 17th. 

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Nervos Layer 2 – Godwoken

We just announced that the new and improved Nervos Layer 2 – Godwoken is now live on the Aggron Testnet. New features include 100% EVM compatibility, faster transaction speeds, and more. 
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