The Nervos Network Bulletin: July 2022


What Happened this Month? 

July was an exciting month for Nervos. We announced several new developments, partnerships and wrapped up a fantastic first ever BlockJam virtual game developer conference. Make sure to read through some of our biggest accomplishments for the month!

Nervos Supports Apple Passkey Feature, Speeding Up the Passwordless Era

Nervos is one of the only blockchains that supports Apple’s Passkey feature. In the future this brings the potential for the Passkey feature to enable users to be able to create a Nervos CKB wallet using Touch ID or Face ID after installing the wallet app. Additionally there are many other possibilities that Passkey can provide with the help of developers.

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BlockJam 2022 – GameJam

The BlockJam virtual conference commenced on June 17th, and continued throughout July. Just last week we concluded the event with the announcement of the GameJam bounty winners. Congratulations to all participants for creating such innovative and exciting games! 

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Encentive a Web3 OS Receives a Nervos Infrastructure Grant

Encentive received a grant from the Nervos foundation to integrate their turn-key, multi-chain dApp building platform with the Nervos Layer 2 “Godwoken”. As the Encentive and Nervos ecosystems deepen their integration, a leading model for application deployment and access will emerge, lowering barriers and accelerating the inevitable migration of Web2’s billions of users to Web3.

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Nervos Network x Celer Network kick off a cross-chain partnership campaign

To celebrate a collaboration between Nervos Network and Celer Network, a cross-chain campaign, with a total prize pool of $1,500 in $CKB, for those that use the Celer cBridge to move funds from Ethereum to Nervos. Congratulations to all the winners of the campaign!
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Hashing it Out: Episode 3

In the 3rd ”Hashing it Out” episode, Jordan, one of our Senior Software Developers, and Matt, our Ecosystem Development Manager spoke about the latest news surrounding Nervos Network and the crypto space as a whole. 

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