Send and Receive $CKB in Opera Android Browser

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We are excited to let you know the first phase of our integration with Opera is complete! This follows on from our partnership with the multi-platform web browser that we announced last year.

Starting today, Opera’s millions of users can send and receive $CKB within the crypto wallet built into the Opera browser on Android. Once the next phase of integration is complete, the wallet will support token transactions on Nervos’ Layer 2, Godwoken. Opera’s developer-friendly browser wallet will support $CKB in the future to attract blockchain developers. Nervos’ Layer 2 will also be integrated in Opera’s newly announced Crypto Browser Project, a dedicated Web3 browser currently in beta.

Nervos is the newest blockchain after Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Celo to be supported by the browser. 

With Nervos’ Layer 1 integrated into Opera’s flagship Android browser, users will be able to easily send and receive CKB tokens via a seamless user interface, with no need for any third-party browser extensions or wallet applications. Additionally, users will have direct access to Nervos’ ecosystem of dApps, which supports NFTs, DeFi, gaming, and other applications.

The integration with Opera is a big step in bringing Nervos and its associated ecosystem to people in an easy-to-use and accessible way. Opera, as a mainstream browser focused on Web3.0, with hundreds of millions of users, is important not only for the Nervos network but also the success of the future decentralized economy.

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