Project Kami, the immersive NFT collection, is coming to Nervos Network Ecosystem

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In the light of recent developments in the Nervos Network’s architecture with the launch of Godwoken and the Force Bridge, we are pleased to announce that Project Kami, an immersive NFT collection, with a gamified hunt for rarity and reward is launching on the 27th of January on Nervos Network. 

Project Kami is a collection of 9999 animated portraits and still images. As one of the first NFT collections on Nervos Network, Project Kami will leverage the full potential that our architecture offers to change the way users see and use NFTs.

Why Blockchain Projects are Moving to Nervos Network

As one of the first collections on the Nervos platform, Project Kami will benefit from Nervos multi-layered ecosystem with the Ethereum Force Bridge and our EVM compatible layer, Godwoken, making it simple to port from Ethereum.

Nervos’ layered architecture serves to help deploy Project Kami and services without sacrificing security or decentralization for speed and scalability. Nervos’ Layer 1 is a permissionless public blockchain that operates as the network’s core and also provides inherent security for its layer two, securing the Kami assets. With layer 2 support, Kami will have almost infinite scalability.

One of the unique features of Project Kami is its on-chain digital treasure hunt ‘ The hunt for the Unity’. This game is facilitated by the project native token ‘Spacemon’ which is generated just by holding an NFT. Spacemon can be used to purchase clues, submit answers and also personalize the NFTs.

The Nervos Platform allows Project Kami and NFT owners to efficiently transfer Spacemon across the network. This enhances the overall gaming experience and also allows owners to immerse themselves in the lore of the project”

Users of Project Kami will enjoy a straightforward and seamless experience Nervos Network provides by leveraging Nervos Network capabilities and functionalities. This eliminates the difficulties users face with Ethereum by simplifying sending and receiving NFTs for anyone new to crypto.

Stay tuned for more updates from Project Kami, and follow them on Twitter, Discord and Website.

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