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Progress Report, Sep. 2021

It’s been two months since we announced the protocol upgrade plan. This protocol upgrade is a planned one, and one that’s key purpose is to upgrade the CKB mainnet with new features, as well as bug fixes. 

There have been a few changes in this time, and we would like to update you on where we are currently.

The ckb node is ready and we’ll release ckb v0.100.0 soon. However, this version will not activate the upgrade in testnet and mainnet. Instead, we’ll release v0.101.0 and v0.102.0 to activate testnet and mainnet respectively when the ecosystem is ready for the upgrade.

We recommend the following upgrade road map for the ecosystem developers:

  • First, upgrade to ckb v0.100.0 and adapt the code to the breaking changes.
  • Then, read RFCs about the consensus changes which will be activated in v0.101.0 and v0.102.0. Prepare the code for the changes and activate them on the specified epoch.

We have talked to some developers about the upgrade. The major issue is that some of their dependencies are not ready yet.

Here are tools that are v0.100.0 ready:

The JavaScript, Golang, and Java SDKs will be ready this week. Projects Polyjuice, Lumos, and Force bridge have not established the plan to support the upgrade yet.

We have also talked to miners. Poolin and SparkPool are ready for the upgrade. We also contacted other 6 mining pools, three are actively testing the version v0.100.0 and we are still waiting for the responses from other three pools.

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