Nervos Network Enters Next Phase of Development With #AutumnIsForBuilding

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Beginning in August and running through the next few months, Nervos is actively ramping up its focus on the development of Layer Two tools alongside growth in the ecosystem. This correlates with the announcement of a major protocol upgrade that kicked off last week.  

Through Autumn and the third quarter of the year, Nervos will be opening up opportunities for developers and users to test, experiment and play around with some of its notable Layer Two solutions. 

The likes of Polyjuice (an EVM-compatible Ethereum on CKB Solution), the Force Bridge (a decentralized cross-chain functionality that feels seamless) and Godwoken (a framework to build rollup solutions upon Nervos CKB) will enter open beta testing in August.

Additionally, following our integration with Gitcoin, we will also be running a bounties campaign called Broaden the Spectrum: The Otherside of the Moon, inviting developers to perform certain tasks from August 4 to September 4 for an opportunity to earn $CKB. Following this, there will be a Hackathon run through Gitcoin in September to look out for. 

Broaden the Spectrum is all about offering opportunities for developers to get to grips with our Layer Two solutions while also providing us with feedback about how they perform in beta testing. Additionally, we hope that by opening up these tools to full public beta testing, we will gain additional feedback towards their mainet launch in the coming months. 

Finally, Yokai Dex is also coming to Nervos over this period and will be open for beta testing. Following on from our initial demonstration with Glia Dex, Yokai Dex will offer users the opportunity to test out some of the Layer Two solutions through a beta decentralized exchange Universal Application on Nervos CKB. 

“We are entering a really exciting stage in our development,” explained Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervos. “Our Layer Two interoperability-enabling tools are getting closer to full launch and we are excited to let the community have a play with them through the beta testing, and through the Gitcoin campaign. More so, Yokai Dex coming to Nervos at this stage is perfectly positioned to give users a real feel for what it will be like using Universal Applications on our network.”

Through the rest of this week, we will be releasing further information about how you can be involved in the Gitcoin campaign, the Layer Two beta testing, and the beta testing of Yokai Dex. 

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