The Nervos Network Bulletin: January 2022

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A monthly round-up of all things Nervos

Welcome to the Nervos Network Bulletin, a monthly recap of what happened at Nervos, a brief update on our ecosystem partners as well as a resource for educational content about Nervos. We will also have some thoughts from leaders within the company and some facts and figures on our growth. 

What Happened this Month?

Nervos Expands to BSC With Force Bridge, Further Growing Its DeFi Ecosystem:
As part of our continued expansion we announce a bridge to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the use of the Force Bridge. This linking of the Nervos Network to BSC opened up a new realm of possibilities, especially in the DeFi space.

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Ardana to Utilize Nervos Network’s Cross-Chain Bridge

This partnership will make it possible for Ardana to utilize the Force Bridge to port over liquidity and for CKB to be used as collateral for Ardana’s stablecoins. Linking the two ecosystems will allow for asset transfers between Cardano and Nervos, and assist project integration on both blockchains.

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CKB now Available on Transak

Users can purchase Nervos CKB via credit card using Transak, a developer integration for a fiat-to-crypto payment gateway.

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Announcing the Winners of the Hashnode x Nervos Writing Contest:
The Developer Relations team received a number of impressive submissions for a technical writing contest in association with Hashnode that included articles on Nervos-based topics, tutorials and general web 3.0 writing.

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Nervos <>BSC Bridge Update – Promising Growth:

Soon after launching the BSC bridge we noted impressive numbers as users looked to take advantage of the growing Nervos ecosystem. Trade volume and traffic to our DEX Yokai, as well as additional TVL on Yokai showed a desire to take DeFi to the next level on Nervos. 

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Nervos in the News

Investor Place, Nervos Network (CKB) Represents a Smart Bet on Scam-Free NFTs

Nervos is teaming up with Pastel Network to provide enhanced protection, security, and storage for users and blockchain developers using NFT dApps on our growing network.

E-Crypto News, Nervos’ Sarah Song And Sifchain Team Explain How They Will Resolve Blockchain Trilemma

Sarah and the Sifchain team shared updates on the Nervos x Sifchain bridge, which will enable projects building on Cosmos to transfer their tokens over to Nervos and access projects and solutions in our ecosystem and vice versa.

What’s upcoming 

Nervos Major Protocol Upgrade Upcoming: 

We have entered the next stage of our major protocol upgrade which will see us upgrade the CKB mainnet with new features, as well as bug fixes. The upgrade will improve the layer one CKB chain in a number of ways.

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Autoshark to integrate with Nervos to expand BSC Ecosystem

AutoShark, a yield optimizer on BSC, will soon deploy on Nervos, through Godwoken, to offer users access to a new arena of farming opportunities.

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Ecosystem Update

Project Kami is Live on Nervos Network Mainnet:
Project Kami, an immersive NFT collection, with a gamified hunt for rarity and reward has launched on Nervos.

DarumaDAO is on Mainnet

DarumaDAO, the first IDO project launched on YokaiSwap’s Launchpad is now on mainnet

Hadouken is live on Nervos Testnet

Hadouken Finance, a decentralized finance application available on Nervos Godwoken, is on testnet ahead of its mainet launch. 

Yokaiswap launched BNB/BUSD Liquidity Pools

Following the integration of BSC with Nervos, YokaiSwap listed BNB and offered liquidity pools.

Learn with Nervos

Jacky from our Chinese community, @CKBMeta on Twitter, has created extensive tutorials to help you understand Nervos, $CKB and #dApps on the Nervos Network. 

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From the Desk of the Foundation

“Nervos is poised to have a breakout year as both the DeFi and NFT ecosystems begin to flourish. We have also secured partnerships that will help us to become an inclusive and truly multi-chain blockchain. This is undoubtedly the most exciting time to be a part of the Nervos ecosystem”

Ben Morris – Director of Business Development and Growth.

Nervos is Growing


  • There were 246,204 unique users accessing the Nervos website in Janurary 2022, a 6.9% increase compared to last month.
  • The number of sessions also increased 8% to 351,812 in January.


  • The Nervos LinkedIn page gained 625 new followers in January, a 328% increase in new followers compared to the previous month.
  • Nervos added 1,586 total engagements across 16 posts on LinkedIn this month.
  • There was a 33% increase in page views (3,742) and 34% increase in unique visitors (1,435), and 37%.


  • Nervos Tweets earned 14.0M impressions over this 31 day period.
  • The best performing Tweet of January announced the $CKB x Binance Chain ForceBridge, and received 74,229 Impressions, 14,975 media views, and 3,982 total engagements.
  • Average engagement rate was also up from 0.8% last month to 1% this month.
  • The #nervos hashtag had 2,938,278 impressions over January. And #ckb had 1,544,063 impressions.


  • There were 9,141 mentions of Nervos in January, an increase of 12% since last month.
  • There was a peak in mentions on January 13th, around the Nervos Network and Binance Chain bridge.

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