The Nervos Network Bulletin: February 2022

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A monthly round-up of all things Nervos

Welcome to the Nervos Network Bulletin, a monthly recap of what happened at Nervos, a brief update on our ecosystem partners as well as a resource for educational content about Nervos. We will also have some thoughts from leaders within the company and some facts and figures on our growth, too. 

What Happened this Month?

Send and Receive $CKB in Opera Android Browser

  • This month we broke ground on our earlier announced Opera partnership. Now Opera’s millions of users can send and receive $CKB within the crypto wallet built into the Opera browser on Android. 

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Bybit Lists $CKB Perpetual Futures for Trading 

  • Bybit, a leading global crypto exchange, has listed $CKB, the native token of the Nervos Network, for perpetual futures trading.

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Nervos was at ETHDenver

  • The Nervos Network was at ETHDenver, the largest and longest running Ethereum event in the world. The Web 3.0 ‘BUIDLathon’ in which Nervos participated, was aimed to meet new developers and help them learn more about building on the EVM compatible Godwoken Layer 2.

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Nervos Outlines 2022 Roadmap

  • Nervos is looking forward to making a major impact in the blockchain world with its 2022 Roadmap. This document outlines the major plans for the rest of the year which will drive significant growth across many areas of the platform. 

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Nervos Sponsors GirlScript Web3 Camp

  • Nervos is proud to be a sponsor of Web3 Camp run by GirlScript. Web3 Camp is shaping up to be the world’s biggest simultaneous bootcamp with over 10,000 participants in both offline and online events in over 50+ locations.

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Nervos in the News

AIThority, Nervos Completes Wallet Integration to Enable Opera’s Millions of Users to Send and Receive $CKB 

  • After announcing it last year, Nervos and Opera completed the first phase of our integration, which enables Opera users to send and receive $CKB within the crypto wallet built into the Opera browser on Android., How to Buy Nervos Network (CKB)

CKB is available on various platforms and exchanges, including Binance,, and


What’s Upcoming?

Nervos 2022 Roadmap AMA with Jan Xie

  • Following the launch of the 2022 roadmap, Nervos will be hosting an AMA to provide the opportunity for the community to find out more about the upcoming year’s plans. Chief Architect Jan Xie will be available to field questions.

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Covalent Integration to be completed

  • Covalent, a leading provider of indexing solutions for blockchains, will complete its integration. Using the Covalent API, developers can pull Nervos mainnet data for their projects and applications.

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Hadouken Finance to Launch Stablecoin Swap on Nervos

  • Hadouken Finance, a new cross-chain DeFi, will go live on the mainnet after a successful mainet beta launch in February. This will be the first stablecoin swap offering on Nervos. 

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Web3 World Champions Hackathon

  • Nervos will be hosting the first ever Web3 World Championship to attract some of the world’s best developers to build on the Nervos Network. Cash awards and NFTs will be given to winners! More details to come soon. 

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Gitcoin Hackathon Sponsorship

  • Nervos is once again working together with Gitcoin to sponsor their next upcoming hackathon “Grants Round 13 Hackathon”. In addition to our sponsorship, Nervos will also release up to 5 bounty tasks for developers to complete and earn CKB.

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Ecosystem Updates

  • Hadouken Finance Launches Mainnet Beta: Hadouken Finance, a decentralized finance application available on Nervos Godwoken, is entering mainnet beta.

Learn with Nervos

  • This month we welcomed a new TrailBlazer manager to Nervos – Leigh Stringer. The TrailBlazer program is an important aspect of the Nervos Network as we look to have community input in the growing of Nervos. 

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From the Desk of the Foundation

  • “2022 is shaping up to be a major year for Nervos as the network progresses through significant improvements across both the CKB Layer 1 chain and the Godwoken Layer 2 chain. These upgrades will be the catalysts that usher in a torrent of new and exciting dApps into the Nervos ecosystem. With so much potential innovation in store, I can’t wait to see what is built and launched throughout the course of this year!”

Nathan Leon – Head of Marketing 

Nervos is Growing

  • Website
    • There were 122,736 unique users accessing the Nervos website and 296,965 sessions in February 2022
    • The Nervos site also had a total of 359,338 page views
  • LinkedIn
    • The Nervos LinkedIn page gained 858 new followers in February, a 71.9% increase in new followers compared to the previous month
    • There was a 4.70% increase in page views (3,918) and 5.09% increase in unique visitors (1,508)
  • Twitter
    • Nervos tweets garnered 3.7M impressions, 523K profile visits and 4,698 new followers in the last 28 days
    • The best performing tweet of February is the congratulatory tweet for our Ecosystem Partner, SundaeSwap which received 122,151 impressions and 3,348 in total engagements
    • The #nervos hashtag had a total of 771 mentions while #CKB had 4,737 mentions
  • Discord 
    • 1,170 new members joined the official Discord server compared to last month
    • There was a 50% increase in the number of new communicators for the month
  • Online Mentions
    • There were a total of 7,834 mentions of Nervos in February
    • There was a peak in mentions on February 15th due to the perpetual listing of $CKB on

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