Nervos Network 2021: A Year in Review

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The Nervos Network has made significant strides in 2021, building on partnerships from the previous year and introducing many tools and solutions that have been long been in development.

As we prepare to ring in 2022, we’d like to thank you—our community and supporters—for your help in growing our network. We look forward to sharing many exciting announcements in the new year 🎊

But first—let’s take a look back at some of the major updates and developments across the ecosystem and community from 2021.

Community Growth 📈

The Nervos community saw tremendous growth across our social & community channels around the world 🌎

Growth across Nervos’ Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram channels in 2021.
Nervos’ website growth in 2021.

This growth also extends to our community channels, including Russia, China, India, and Africa—many of which were only launched this year. 

Russia: 500+ Twitter followers, 380+ Telegram members, 1800+ article views

China: 1860+ followers, 190+ Telegram members, 125 email subscribers 

India: 700+ Twitter followers, 200-300 article views per post, 3,500 impressions Twitter impressions per day  

Africa: 700 Twitter followers, 360+ Telegram members, 30+ articles contributed by the community, #NervosNetwork trended on Nigerian Twitter

Layer 2 Solutions 📢

After months of development, Force Bridge and Godwoken launched on mainnet in Q4. With both Godwoken and Force Bridge now available, Ethereum developers can use their existing codebases to begin porting their dApps to Nervos. Several projects have already submitted their applications and been accepted into the Godwoken Whitelisting program (more info). 

Ecosystem Developments 🛠

From a major protocol update to Force Bridge updates, Nervos is aiming to become the next booming DeFi ecosystem. 

Major Protocol Upgrade


YokaiSwap besting test & mainnet

$5 Million DeFi Ecosystem Grant

GliaDex: A Universal Application at Work 

Force Bridge Adds BTC and Other Chain Support 

InNervation $50 Million Ecosystem Fund

Golden Legend

USD Coin (USDC) to be Issued on Nervos

Ecosystem Partners 🤝

The Nervos ecosystem includes dozens of partners, including Ankr and Band Protocol, as well as new partners such as Opera and SundaeSwap.

Our ecosystem partners play a major role in nurturing and growing the Nervos ecosystem and community. We welcomed several new teams and projects this year:

UTXO Alliance


Magic Circle


Cardano ($ADA x $CKB bridge) 







Band Protocol x Godwoken integration



Gambit Esports 

Kava Labs 



India Blockchain Accelerator 

Celebrity Smack Down


Project Kami




Grant Recipients  🎉

We’re excited to welcome new grant recipients and will continue to support emerging projects through our Godwoken Whitelisting program and other initiatives. 





Insure Defi



Super Plushies 

Exchange Listings  ✅

$CKB made its way onto some new exchanges and platforms this year:





Technical Deep Dives 🌊

Our dev teams continue to work to improve the Nervos Network infrastructure and provide insights into their processes. 

Towards CKB style Lego: Polyjuice on Godwoken

Tackling the Problem Facing Smart Contract Blockchains

xUDT: The Next Stage of UDTs

Nervos and the Next Level of Blockchain Abstraction 

Founder Feature: Daniel Lv—The Community Builder 

Community Spotlight & Events💡

The Nervos community has grown tremendously in the past year with the launch of the TrailBlazer program and several new global community channels.

Welcome to the TrailBlazers 

Broaden the Spectrum: The Other Side of the Moon

Understanding Nervos’ Multi-Chain Solutions

TrailBlazer Spotlight—Jinho: South Korea

TrailBlazer Spotlight—Eduardo: LatAm

Holding Tight: Keeping $CKB Through a Bull Run

Nervos Unveils 2021 Roadmap at Town Hall

Digging Deep: A $CKB Miner’s Tale 

Hodlr’s Digest: The Master Hodlr

Hodlr’s Digest: A Tale of Greed and Fear

Interview with CKB Holder Daniel

Community Writing Contest 

How to buy $CKB in the US (community guide)

Getting CKB to Yokai and Back Again With SafePal (user guide)

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