Nervos Launches $50,000 Developer Bounties Program with Gitcoin

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Following our integration with Gitcoin, the developer platform that provides paid opportunities in the blockchain space, we are excited to announce Broaden the Spectrum: The Other Side of the Moon’, a bounties program that will allow developers to have first-hand experience with some of our innovative Layer Two solutions.  

To be a part of this campaign, click through to our onboarding page where more info will be made available leading up to the August 4th kick-off date. A combined prize pool of $50,000 in $CKB will be on offer for the month-long program. 

Gitcoin Onboarding Page: 

The Bounties Program will introduce developers to PolyJuice, Godwoken and The Force Bridge (read more about these tools and our goal of creating Universal Applications here) and hopefully grow our developer community even further. 

The Nervos Network is inherently focused on growing a powerful and effective developer community and this program in association with Gitcoin is a great opportunity to present ourselves to a broad and vibrant community. 

We hope to show that through the Nervos Network, and our Layer Two, built for Layer One, solutions, that developers wanting to build in the blockchain space do not have to struggle with the usual barriers to entry. 

By using the aforementioned solutions, the creation of powerful interoperable Universal Applications is possible with the Nervos Network. 

Autumn is for Building

The Nervos Network is entering a key stage in our development as we continue along with our 2021 roadmap. This Gitcoin campaign correlated with open beta testing of the Layer Two Solutions and also coincides with a new Decentralized Exchange (DEX) coming to Nervos for Beta testing — Yokai Dex. 

In the coming months there will be additional opportunities to be a part of this building phase with a Gitcoin Hackathon also lined up, as well as further developments and deployments of The Force Bridge. 

Over the coming week, we will be outlining more about our Autumn is for Building Campaign and invite you to be a part of our growth and testing at this stage. The coming months will be massive in expanding the developer community on the Nervos Network and we look forward to your feedback following the bouts of testing in Autumn.