Nervos Hackathon: Broaden the Spectrum — Judging Criteria

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As we prepare to kick-off our $150,000 Hackathon in association with Gitcoin, it is a good time to look closely at what we want from the teams taking part. As you should know by now, the theme is DeFi!

We want you to build cutting-edge Layer 2 applications on the Nervos Network’s EVM (solidity) compatible layer two solution, using the tools you already know and love!

These tools include the Force Bridge, a cross-chain bridge that allows the transfer of assets to and from the Ethereum blockchain; Godwoken and Polyjuice, which provide a scalable smart contract platform that is EVM compatible — perfect for DeFi.

Each submitted project will be judged by a panel of nine judges, with members from the Nervos foundation teaming up with others from the likes of IOHK and MouseBelt. 

The Criteria

Projects will be scored by the following criteria:

  • Theme fit
  • Originality & innovation
  • Ease of use (UI/UX)
  • Sustainability (marketplace viability)
  • Technical complexity
  • Level of completion

Each category gets a score between 0 – 5, with a maximum total score of 30.

The Goal

We want to see what DeFi-inspired creations you can come up with utilizing Nervos’ powerful tools. This hackathon should expose you to what is possible on the Nervos Network, especially if you took part in the previous bounties campaign (although that is not a prerequisite). 

While you may decide to move away from DeFi to another sector of the blockchain space, do be aware that there are five points available for sticking to the DeFi theme (theme fit).

More importantly though, we are keenly looking to see originality and innovation in your creations. With the Force Bridge and the other layer two tools, there is a large scope for interesting interoperable creations. 

Ease of use and sustainability are also key areas to keep in mind when creating on Nervos as we appreciate the importance of a project being able to sustain itself in the ecosystem and for it to be a worthwhile investment.. 

Finally getting a balance between complexity and the degree of completion of your project will be paramount in impressing the judges. This is certainly an opportunity to impress both us, and our partners, who may be on the lookout for investment targets. 

The Additional Info

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