Nervos Hackathon: Broaden the Spectrum

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Amid the success of our bounties program, we’re proud to be partnering with Gitcoin again on Nervos Hackathon: Broaden the Spectrum, a three-week virtual hackathon event that will bring $200,000 in prizes!

We’re inviting talented builders to create cutting-edge Layer 2 applications using Nervos’ next-generation tools:

  • Force Bridge, a cross-chain bridge that allows the transfer of assets to and from Ethereum, with more chains to come in the future.
  • Polyjuice, which provides a scalable smart contract platform that is EVM compatible using Solidity.
  • Godwoken, a framework to build rollups and trustlessly verify their executions on the base layer protocols. 

Your application can be anything, but here are some ideas to get your creative juice flowing:

  • Decentralized exchanges, on-chain order books, automated market makers and DEX aggregators
  • Collateralized stablecoins
  • Lending and derivative markets
  • Oracles
  • Tokenized synthetic assets
  • DAO’s
  • ..and anything else innovative!

Submission Requirements

  • Submissions must be open source and deployed live on the Aggron testnet, with links provided.
  • Sufficient documentation is required to compile and deploy the application.
  • The application must be useful and interesting.
  • A demo video (5-10 minutes) must be submitted explaining the project and how to use it.

All projects must be submitted by October 4th at 11:59 PM UTC.

Hackathon Prizes

Nervos Hackathon: Broaden the Spectrum features a total of $150,000 in cash prizes*:

  • First prize: 1 first prize of $40,000 in CKB
  • Second prize: 2 second prizes of $20,000 in CKB
  • Third prize: 5 third prizes of $10,000 in CKB
  • Honorable Mention: 10 prizes of $2,000 in CKB

*Prizes will be awarded at the judges’ discretion.

Hackathon Timeline

  • Hackathon Kick-off: Sept 10th
  • Deadline for Submissions: Oct 4th
  • Judging: Oct 5th – Oct 8th
  • Winners Announced: Oct 11th

Learn more about Nervos

New to Nervos or need to brush up on your knowledge of our ecosystem? Check out these developer docs to get started:

Workshops and Office Hours

Nervos Hackathon participants are invited to join hands-on workshops hosted by experts from the Nervos team. A schedule will be provided prior to the start of the hackathon, so stay tuned for more information.

We look forward to seeing what you build! Good luck!

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