Nervos & Gitcoin Expand Opportunities for Developer Growth

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We are excited to announce that Nervos will be onboarding the Gitcoin platform as part of our journey of ecosystem and infrastructure growth, as well as expanding opportunities for developers to earn from open source projects.

By integrating with Gitcoin, the Nervos Network will be on show and available to a new cohort of global developers who will, in turn, be rewarded for exploring, using and experimenting with our blockchain infrastructure.  

This integration forms part of our shared goal of growing the open-source ecosystem, creating more opportunities for the wider community to co-create a better blockchain system for all, and to expand the Nervos Network experience.

Who is Gitcoin?

Gitcoin is a well known platform that provides paid opportunities for developers who are looking for the right project to be aligned with in order to make meaningful inroads with open source projects.

The platform has been running since 2017, supporting the community using a combination of bounties, hackathons, and grants. These events are all handled through the platform using smart contracts, avoiding the need for an intermediary.

Gitcoin’s Ethereum base allows for it to support all ERC20 tokens, but Gitcoin will now be integrating $CKB into its tech stack. 

Opportunity to Play

Following this integration, The Nervos Network and Gitcoin will soon be launching a joint venture to give developers the opportunities to explore and use some of Nervos’s powerful interoperable Layer 2 tools.

Additionally, the integration will allow for ongoing opportunities  for bounties and hackathons on Gitcoin for developers to explore the technology as well as earn $CKB.

Layer two solutions like the Force Bridge — a cross chain bridge; Polyjuice — a 100% EVM-compatible Ethereum on CKB Solution; and PW Core, which allows users to enter the Nervos Network through various portals; will be on hand for developers to work and play with.

Bigger Opportunities

We are also actively seeking teams to be a part of the Nervos Network ecosystem and offering the opportunity for such teams to apply for grants through the foundation or through the CMBI-backed InNervation Fund.

Our collaboration with Gitcoin will open doors to developers and teams who are looking for the right project and fit, and believe in what Nervos is trying to achieve in the blockchain ecosystem. 

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