Nervos Hackathon: Broaden the Spectrum Part 2 Winners Announced

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During the month-long virtual hackathon, development teams worldwide worked to build the next generation of DeFi projects on Nervos’s premier EVM L2 solution, Godwoken.

The winners were chosen by a panel of nine judges from across the spectrum of blockchain companies and partners. Each project was scored using a six-part criteria, from ease-of-use to technical complexity.

Nervos Network, in co-operation with Gitcoin, is proud to announce the winners of the Nervos Hackathon: Broaden the Spectrum Part 2.

Nervos Hackathon: Broaden the Spectrum Part 2 Winners

First Place – $40,000 in CKB

NervOpt by nhaga (David Duarte)

NervOpt allows the trading of call options on ckETH. The contract has one active call option at each moment, with fixed expiries on the 15th of March, June, September, and December. Each strike will be set as the spot price 115% on the expiry of the previous option.

Second Place – $20,000 in CKB

Insure Defi by chaitanyasjoshi (Chaitanya Joshi)

Insure Defi offers collateral protection insurance for crypto-backed loans. Each policy pays 100% of the issued loan amount if the value of collateral provided by the borrower (i.e. ETH, or tokenized asset) drops by 90% or more.

CrowdMint by niklr (Roman Niklaus)

CrowdMINT is a blockchain based solution leveraging NFTs to crowdfund community projects.

The developed smart contracts support both the fixed AON (All-Or-Nothing) and the flexible KIA (Keep-It-All) crowdfunding models.

Third Place – $10,000 in CKB

Opathy by Hexamate

Opathy is a next generation DeFi lending platform built on top of the Nervos Blockchain.

Fomaj by irshadnilam 

Formaj is a risk-free prediction marketing inspired by PoolTogether and Pancakeswap Predictions.

LinoB Vault by jpeterd

LinoB Vault is a platform that offers users a way to stabilize value on the Nervos Layer 2 chain using the LinoB USD pegged stablecoin.

Godwoken Balance Tracker by nicoderpro 

Godwoken Balance Tracker is a Chrome browser extension for tracking transfers and balances of assets on Nervos Godwoken testnet, Ethereum Mainnet and others blockchains.

NolayReading by pandatea 

NoLay Reading is a pay-per-view document platform utilizing Unipass.

Honorable Mentions – $2000 in CKB

Backable by luisantoniocrag

Nervos Exchange by fsy412

Nerbot by x777

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Nervos Hackathon: Broaden the Spectrum Part 2. We were incredibly impressed with the calibre of projects that took part. 

As we continue to lay out the building blocks of the ecosystem, we hope to take our learnings from this Hackathon and make Nervos Network the place to be for the next generation of DeFi projects.

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