Nervos Community Update: June 2021

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Updates from June include:

🌉 Cross-chain bridge to Cardano with Input Output

💰 Wallet Integration with Opera

🆕 USDC coming to Nervos

🤝 Collaboration with NFT network Start Finance

 ⚒️ sUDT improvements

And much more!

Nervos & Cardano Cross-Chain Bridge to Cardano

After much anticipation, we’re excited to announce our latest project with IOHK, the developers of the Cardano blockchain: a cross-chain bridge connecting the Cardano and Nervos networks. Once completed, it will be Cardano’s first cross-chain bridge, potentially unlocking access to billions of dollars in completed transactions and further propelling Nervos and Cardano’s shared vision for blockchain interoperability.

Opera to Add Nervos to Browser Crypto Wallet

The Nervos Network is excited to announce a new collaboration with Opera, the world’s first browser with Web 3 capabilities. Once the integration is completed, the browser’s hundreds of millions of users will be able to send and receive $CKB directly within the Opera browser and access Nervos dApps listed on the built-in DApps Store. Nervos users will also have another wallet option for making $CKB transactions, and Nervos developers will have increased reach through Opera’s massive user base.

Nervos and StartFi Partner for Affordable NFT Minting

With recent announcements in the Nervos Network surrounding Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) we are excited to announce a new partnership with StartFi.

StartFi is a Web3-based multi-channel network for NFT creators looking to transform the scope of minting and buying of NFTs. Their NFT ecosystem brings together content creators and prospective buyers in a unique, mutually beneficial manner.

Upgrade of sUDT and Anyone-Can-Pay Contract

Our ambitious road map is already being tackled, and we have been hard at work delivering upgrades on the core protocol which will lead to our first hard fork later this year. EVM compatibility and Universal DeFi Applications remain high priorities for us through the first half of the year. We are also exploring the popular NFT space by focusing on key partnerships and looking at other tools and SDKs in order to bring real-world applications into the crypto world.

Ankr Integrates Support for Nervos Nodes

We are excited to announce that, through integration with Ankr, the deploying, hosting and running of Nervos nodes, will be made that much easier. The collaboration means users can run a Nervos Node via the blockchain cloud infrastructure provider’s platform.

Other News

Coin Desk announced USD Coin (USDC) is coming to Nervos.

Ben Morris, Nervos’ Director of Business Development & Growth, spoke at Synopsis 2021.

Nervos held a Town Hall to discuss the latest updates to the ecosystem.

Dan from Crypto Capital Venture talked about the Cardano bridge and more in a recent video.

YouTube Wes Spencer gave in an in-depth review of Nervos in a recent video.

Community advocate William spoke to the Rebase community about Golden Legend, DAS, and more in a recent live session.

Ben Morris appeared on #Cardano360 to discuss the new bridge.

Jason Pizzino released a deep dive into Nervos’ partnerships with Cardano and Opera.

TrailBlazer Updates

We released limited edition #NervosTrailBlazer swag. Check it out in our swag store!




  • Nigerian influencers tweeted about Nervos.
  • The Nervos Africa Twitter and Telegram channels grew significantly.


  • The Twitter account passed 500 followers.
  • The community submitted entries in the essay contest.
  • Nervos China released a post on Golden Legend.
  • DAS launched a bug bounty program.
  • AMA with Mixin and community advocate Will.
  • The channel continues to release weekly reports.
  • Cipher gave the keynote speech at the Art Xiamen Design Forum.
  • The Cyberpunk Lab released its first piece of digital art: Cybermask.

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