Nervos Community Update: July 2021

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Updates from July include:

🆕USDC coming to Nervos

🌉Cardano bridge update

🛠️Protocol update


🙌Gitcoin campaign

And much more!

USD Coin (USDC) to be Issued on Nervos

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Nervos is excited to announce USD Coin (USDC), a stablecoin from Centre, a consortium founded by Circle and Coinbase, will be available on the network in the coming months.Find out more

Infrastructure Update: Cross-Chain Bridge to Cardano

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On June 2, along with IOHK the developers of the Cardano blockchain, a cross-chain bridge connecting the Cardano and Nervos networks was announced. We would like to provide an update on how the building of the bridge has gone so far.Learn more

Nervos Kicks Off Major Protocol Upgrade

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As part of our continued improvement of the Nervos Network, and in alignment with the project roadmap, we have initiated a major protocol upgrade which will be implemented in three stages and will look to be complete by October.Find out more

Nervos Enters Next Phase of Development with #AutumnIsForBuilding

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Beginning in August and running through the next few months, Nervos is actively ramping up its focus on the development of Layer Two tools alongside growth in the ecosystem. This correlates with the announcement of a major protocol upgrade that kicked off last week.

Through Autumn and the third quarter of the year, Nervos will be opening up opportunities for developers and users to test, experiment, and play around with some of its notable Layer Two solutions.Find out how to get involved

Nervos & Gitcoin Expand Opportunities for Developer Growth

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We are excited to announce that Nervos will be onboarding the Gitcoin platform as part of our journey of ecosystem and infrastructure growth, as well as expanding opportunities for developers to earn from open source projects.Find out more

Nervos Launches $50,000 Developer Bounties Program with Gitcoin

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Following our integration with Gitcoin, the developer platform that provides paid opportunities in the blockchain space, we are excited to announce ‘Broaden the Spectrum: The Other Side of the Moon’, a bounties program that will allow developers to have first-hand experience with some of our innovative Layer Two solutions.Get involved

MuKun: New Smart Contract Capabilities Coming to Nervos

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It’s with great excitement that we announce Mutual Knowledge Systems, Inc. (MuKn) has joined the Grants Program and is creating a new solution that will enable the safe deployment of new smart contract capabilities on Nervos similar to those available on Ethereum.Learn more

Nervos Community Writing Contest

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Nervos hosted its first international writing competition for the community. Participants wrote about their personal experiences with Nervos, their thoughts on Interoperability 2.0, PoW vs. PoS, and Nervos’ unique advantages and how it stands out among the competition.Learn more

Poolz to Bring IDO Opportunities to Nervos

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As we build out the Nervos ecosystem, we’re collaborating with partners who share our vision for a more connected blockchain ecosystem. That’s why we’re excited to announce our new integration with Poolz, a decentralized cross-chain Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platform, to bring new investment and marketing opportunities to projects building on Nervos.Learn more

Other News

Matt, Jordan, Luis, and Daniel discussed the Opera integration in a recent episode of our fireside chat series ‘Hashing It Out.’

imToken held a community contest with Nervos and Nervina Labs.

We reached 50 thousand followers on Twitter!

Co-founder Danie Lv was featured in a recent Coindesk article on the impact of NFTs on ETH prices.

ImKey announced a campaign to airdrop $170,000 in $CKB to participants.

Taylor Nelson from the Business Development team was a guest on ‘Hashing It Out.’

TrailBlazer Updates

We released limited edition #NervosTrailBlazer swag. Check it out in our swag store!

  • Community members participated in the #YesYouCanGif contest.
  • New updates to the Nervos Wiki Page.
  • The blog saw a 41% increase in visitors.
  • The interview with Ben Morris saw more than 200 views and high engagement.
  • The Telegram community continues to grow.  


  • Translated recent news and blog posts.
  • Continued to publish weekly reports.
  • Nervos quiz for the community.
  • NFT campaign.



  • Writing contest.
  • imToken hardware wallet integration.
  • Continued to publish weekly reports.

More Ecosystem & Community Content

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