Nervos Community Update: April 2021

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Nervos Community Update: April 2021

Welcome to the monthly newsletter for all things Nervos! Get caught up with the latest updates from the Nervos Foundation, Community, Ecosystem & Development teams.

Updates from April include:

🌉 Force Bridge updates

🔗 Nervos x IAMM NFT partnership 

🛒 Swag store on @OriginProtocol

🌊 A deep dive into blockchain abstraction from Jan

❓Interview with CKB Holder Daniel 

🔥 TrailBlazer Spotlight—Alyona: Russia

🎉 40k followers on Twitter

And much more!

Force Bridge Adding BTC and Other Chain Support

In a recent developer update on the Force Bridge, it was announced that support for new chains beyond just Ethereum would be coming. Currently, a Bitcoin bridge, along with TRON, EOS and Polkadot, are being looked into for possible integration set for the end of Q2.

Nervos and NFT Protocol IAMM Team Up to Liberate All Digital Creators

Nervos and NFT Protocol IAMM Team Up to Liberate All Digital Creators

With the impact of NFTs being felt across the cryptocurrency and mainstream arena, the Nervos Network is excited to be partnering with IAMM, a protocol looking to make decentralized digital goods a native component of the web.

Nervos Partners with Origin for Swag Store

Nervos Partners with Origin for Swag Store

Nervos announced a partnership with Origin, a protocol for creating shared economy marketplaces on the blockchain, in order to give access to our ‘Swag’ store following a successful community competition.

Interview with CKB Holder Daniel

Interview with CKB Holder Daniel

We interviewed Daniel, a CKB holder, about his crypto journey. Daniel comes from London, UK, he currently runs an IT company, does daily one-on-one emotional coaching and meditation classes, and is active in the crypto industry.

Nervos and the Next Level of Abstraction

Nervos and the Next Level of Abstraction

In a fascinating deep dive into Blockchain Abstraction and Interoperability 2.0. Nervos Chief Architect Jan Xie discussed how he sees blockchain evolving and how Nervos, with its power to create Universal Applications, can be “…An abstraction of Ethereum, just as Ethereum is an abstraction of Bitcoin.”

TrailBlazer Spotlight—Alyona: Russia

TrailBlazer Spotlight—Alyona: Russia

In Part Three of our TrailBlazer Spotlight Series, we spent some time with Russian community lead Alyona Durova.

Just like Jinho, from South Korea, and Eduardo in LatAm, Alyona gave us some insight into the blockchain space in Russia and how she has been growing the Nervos community over there.

Meet the Devs!—#1 Ren Zhang

Meet the Devs!—#1 Ren Zhang

In a new series dedicated to introducing you to more of our community and team, we will be meeting some of our developers and people behind the scenes looking to make the Nervos Network expand and reach its full potential.

In this first episode, we will be chatting with Ren Zhang, the lead Researcher at Nervos, to understand what excites him in the world of blockchain and crypto and what changes need to be made in the space.

Nervos for NFTs: How Nervos is Positioned to Change the NFT Game

Following on from our partnership announcement with NFT protocol IAMM, Flow, one of our community members, decided to take a deeper dive into what makes Nervos a good platform for NFTs.

Other News

Nervos released a teaser about our new partnership with IAMM, an NFT protocol.

  • We hosted more episodes of Hashing It Out, our fireside chat series on all things blockchain. Keep your eyes peeled for new episodes on Twitter bi-weekly!
Hashing It Out

Hashing It Out

Nervos co-founder Daniel Lv shared insights on how the digital yuan stablecoin impacts crypto with CoinTelegraph.

Major crypto media publication CoinTelegraph covered Nervos’ recent growth.

Daniel Lv moderated panels and talked about DeFi at the “Together for Innovation” conference in Shanghai.

The Nervos TrailBlazer program attracted community members from more than 10 countries and regions.

DC from Nervos talked about Layer 2 at HashCon 2021.

We opened up our #NervosTrailBlazer submissions for April/May.

Messari shared an image outlining the list of cryptos being invested in by top VC funds—and Nervos is near the top of the list!

Community lead Williams joined a panel with OVR, Sandbox, NEAR Mintbase and Dongsi to discuss the future of NFTs.

TrailBlazer Updates





  • Telegram channel grew to 170 members


  • Telegram channel currently at 85 members
  • 4 video released, including one from The Nervos Investor
  • Localized Positioning Paper

More Ecosystem & Community Content

We published more great content from the community this month. Make sure to share and mention @NervosNetwork to have your content included!

  • The Nervos Investor and other community-led YouTube channels continue to share great content. See here or see below.
  • Active community members Daniel and Rodrigo talked about the Universal Passport in a video on the community-led channel Nervos for Newbies. See here.
  • The Russia and China communities released articles on NFTs.  See here.
  • A Korean influencer released a great video analysis on CKB for the Korean community. See here or see below.
  • We announced the winners of the Common Knowledge Booster campaign. See here.
  • Keeping it Real Finance (KIR) offered a great review of the Nervos Network on YouTube. See here or see below.
  • Our community lead Luis answered questions form the Huobi Russia community. See here.
  • The Nervos China community continues to release weekly recaps that offer a great review of the Nervos ecosystem. See here.
  • The community shared a great chart showing how Nervos’ approach to interoperability stands up to other chains. See here.
  • Nervos for Newbies released an interesting video about CKB investors. See here or see below.
  • The Nervos China community translated a compelling article on PoS from Truthcoin. See here.
  • DeFi en Español wrote an article about Nervos’ approach to scalability. See here.
  • The Nervos Investor broke down the current PoW vs PoS debate. See here or see below.

Nervos CKB Development Update

March 2 – 29, 2021

In the past four weeks, the different developer teams across the Nervos Network have been busy with a number of ongoing updates. Below is a round-up from the various teams from March 2 to March 29.

Development and Product

CKB Core Protocol
Key Highlights

  • Continued to submit proposals for the hard fork in [rfcs] ().
  • Refactored tx pool to improve its reliability.
  • Researched the solutions and discussed how to integrate Flyclient into CKB.
  • Developed auto-scaling miner for the testnet to avoid the chain getting stuck due to drastichash rate surges.
  • Rewrote tx pool to improve the reliability and fix bugs.
  • Optimized chain synchronization speed on low-performance machines.
  • Implement a pressure generator for popular dApps.

Development Tools
Key Highlights

  • The audit for the Godwoken and RSA smart contracts has come to an end, we are wrapping up both projects to help us confirm the final fixes.
  • Tippy is in the development phase, sUDT support is ready, remaining parts are debugger support and testing RPC.
  • Tippy now has a workable 0.1.6 release.
  • Draft spec for xUDT / RCE is out, contract implementation is targeted at the end of March for a release.
  • The smart contract of xUDT / RCE is wrapping up, we are working on the integration part, also in the process of scheduling code auditing.
  • RISC-V B extension to CKB VM is still in the testing phase

Force Bridge
Key Highlights

  • Received the Force Bridge audit report, started the work on improving the contracts according to the audit report suggestions [pull request].
  • Did some proof of concepts on supporting other chains with Force Bridge: including TRON, EOS, Polkadot/Substrate, Binance Smart Chain.
  • Started the development on new Force Bridge architecture, implemented BTC, ETH, EOS, TRON components ().

Key Highlights

  • Drafted a new practical NFT standard for real-world business use cases.
  • Godwoken Explorer is being developed, and the alpha release will be ready by the end of March.
  • Completed the first MVP version of Godwoken Explorer, ready to iterate to include more functionality.

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