Nervos CKB Development Dossier #43

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Nervos CKB Development Dossier #43

Covering Nov 23 to Dec 6, 2020

Every two weeks we like to update the community on what our core dev team has been working on across the Nervos Network.

In the last two weeks, the CKB core team has:

  • Tested and verified the first fee estimate model.
  • Proposed the User Activated Soft Forks (UASF) mechanism.
  • Started to replace failure.
  • Proposed a new async style Tentacle interface.
  • Improved the WASM compatibility of all the CKB components.
  • Added some metrics in ckb-analyzer.
  • Been adding more integration test cases.
  • Been working on Channel Network and Light Client.

Fee Estimator

Boyu has improved the fee estimator with assistance of Dingwei Zhang, a Blockchain engineer at Cryptape. There have also been multiple tests and verifications.

User Activated Soft Forks Proposal

Ian Yang, one of the CKB developers focused on system design and official client implementation, has migrated Bitcoin BIP8 to CKB to allow for parallel soft forking deployments based on miner signaling via the block version field. See the PR for more details.

Replacing failure

As alerted in RUSTSEC-2020–0036, failure is officially deprecated/unmaintained. Boyu has replaced them with thiserror and anyhow.

Tentacle Spawn Interface

Chao has proposed a new async interface in the p2p library tentacle.

Tentacle used to read messages from peers in the framework and pass the read packets to the application via callbacks.

The new async interface added a new trait ProtocolStream where application developers can use async function to schedule the read part. Since the write part already supports async, this new interface gives application developers full power to schedule all the P2P I/O via async.


Quake, a CKB developer, submitted several PRs to improve the WASM compatibility of all the CKB components, since the light client prototype will run in the browser. Owen has been testing and debugging the GCS (client side filter) for the light client.

Guozhen, a blockchain and distributed storage system engineer, added some new metrics in ckb-analyzer, an agent to collect advanced CKB metrics.

Yulong has been reviewing Bitcoin integration test cases to get inspired to add more test cases for CKB.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

In the last two weeks, the MAKE team has been working on:


  • Verify and Release v0.33.2 hotfix
  • Support transferring assets to PW address in asset account
  • Fix indexing for legacy ACP cells
  • Support ACP short address generation and parsing at the backend
  • Increase test coverage in service layer


  • ckb-sdk-js Update ACP configuration #516
  • ckb-sdk-js Release v0.38.1 for the new ACP lock #518
  • ckb-sdk-ruby support short acp address #795
  • ckb-sdk-go support short acp address #796


  • Updating DEX query APIs

CKB Explorer

  • Add support for short ACP address

Cheque script

  • Design discussion, development
  • Add test cases for Cheque script
  • Organize Cheque script rules

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