Nervos at Paris Blockchain Week: Making an Entrance


This past week, it was a great privilege for our team to attend the Paris Blockchain Week. This prestigious event in Paris boasts being the “biggest Blockchain & Digital Assets event in Europe.” So, when the Nervos stand was right at the entrance, we knew we were in the right place. 

We set up our Nervos booth at the entrance to the main hall, which hosted names like FTX, Binance, Ripple and other massive projects in the crypto space. For us, the goal in Paris was to be seen and to be seen looking cool – that’s why our Nervos branded Sunglasses were such a hit!

We had a stream of interested people, from all walks of the crypto space, come through to our booth and mostly ask what we did and were all about. From developers to investors, blockchain students and even new protocol partners – it was great to share our mission and vision.

Explaining our layered architecture to passers-by grabbed many people’s attention. The fact that we are a Layer 1 Blockchain, built for Layer 2 scaling and flexibility with an inherent multi-chain approach resonated with the different people we chatted to.

Having a mix of the Nervos team there was also really great as our marketing maestros could really showcase what Nervos is looking to achieve in the blockchain space while dev relations and business development team members were on hand to talk to interested parties looking to join the Nervos network. 

Not only that, having senior blockchain engineer and developer Daniel Kmak there too helped the more technical minded understand our technology. Daniel also formed part of an interesting panel on interoperability – which you can watch here!

More than just discussing Nervos and what we do, it was really good to spend time with like-minded individuals and share a discussion about the key benefits of our platform infrastructure and how we’re setting up for massive future scalability and the highest security standards.

Making an Entrance 

Having recently attended the Barcelona Blockchain Week, and now having made an impact in Paris as well as heading to Amsterdam this week for L2Beat, we at Nervos are looking to push the boundaries at blockchain conferences. 

We understand that, with the world once again opening up, it is important to get in front of people who share similar values to us and spread the word of what Nervos is and can do. We want projects to build on Nervos, and developers to be part of that building. We want users and investors to come to Nervos and experience our technology and multi-chain vision – and to do this, we want to meet you!

Stay tuned for more updates on conferences that Nervos will be attending.

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