Nervos at L2Beat Amsterdam


Last week the Nervos team headed to Amsterdam for L2 Beat’s two-day technical conference dedicated to Ethereum L2 Scaling. Some of the top blockchain platforms that provide Layer 2 solutions were there including Optimism, Arbitrum and many others. For Nervos to be considered and to have secured a place at one of the hottest conferences during Amsterdam Blockchain week was amazing for us.

Attending and sponsoring this conference really helped get the Nervos name out there within the industry, especially in front of those who are all building the next generation of dApps on some of the most widely used L2 chains out there. 

During the two day conference, notable speakers from Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum the Ethereum Foundation and more gave talks and were featured on panels. A broad range of L2 specific topics ranged from the basics such as the current landscape of L2 solutions including optimistic roll ups to the more technical challenges being faced with scaling solutions. No matter if an attendee was a new developer or a more advanced one, there was information relevant for all levels of developers in attendance at this conference.

We were thrilled that our own Daniel Kmak was able to get a speaker slot on the second day of this conference and talk more about how Nervos has already solved many of the current scaling challenges faced by many blockchain platforms today with elements such as RISC-V for varied Layer 2 and consensus layers. If you didn’t catch his talk you can view it here.

As an exclusive sponsor for L2Beat Amsterdam, we were proud to get our logo and name printed on more than 400 giveaway bags provided to each attendee and include even some of our special swag items and stickers as giveaways for all the attendees.

To make this conference even more engaging, Nervos held an evening dinner and drinks event after the final day of the conference at the Mama Makan Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam. We invited not only those at L2Beat but also all those who were in Amsterdam for the week full of conferences to come to join us. We had a great time with everyone who attended and was so thankful to meet everyone who stopped by our event. We met some amazing people and truly look forward to working with a number of them in the near future to have them in our Nervos community and bring amazing new dApps to our ecosystem.

Overall the L2Beat conference in Amsterdam was a success for us coming right after another successful conference at Paris Blockchain Week. Each time we go to a conference we get more brand awareness within the industry, increase the number of people who are interested in joining our community and establish the seeds of relationships that have the potential to be incredibly beneficial in the longer-term future for the development of our ecosystem. Stay tuned for our next major conference!  

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