Nervos at Conferences in the Spring


It has been a busy spring to start off the year for the Nervos team as we kicked off a run of top blockchain conferences across Europe. In this journey first we started off with Avalanche Summit in Barcelona, then to Paris Blockchain Week and finally L2Beat Amsterdam. All these conferences were excellent opportunities for our Nervos team to connect with people across the crypto industry and establish the seeds of brand new partnerships to build our community.

Connecting with Builders

At Avalanche Summit our team met with many developers working on dApps across the spectrum. In Barcelona we held a rooftop breakfast event to connect even deeper with projects interested in platform interoperability. Nathan, from our Marketing team, shared a very positive observation.

“We met some incredible developers who are looking to branch out and build on blockchains such as Nervos which offer very unique platform features for interoperability. To know that people become very interested in Nervos once they learn more about our capabilities, is extremely promising as we meet more and more developers.”

Expanding our Community

The size and status of some of these conferences were impressive. Paris, for example, was a huge event, and as Seb, from our BizDev team explains, it was full of a variety of people. 

“The people who attend PBW aren’t the same crowd as your classic ETH or DevConnect conference, but rather represent the more institutional or ‘off-chain” world,’ explains Seb. “These people and businesses are important, because although they might not be very engaged with the web3 community yet, their desire to transition traditional business practices on-chain is crucial to widespread adoption.”

Sharing our Unique Platform 

While Nervos is still quite developer-focused, and well known in that realm, Seb explains that our presence was well received by the broader Paris audience. 

“People’s faces always light up when explaining the unique architecture Nervos has. Scalable interoperability is a hot topic & something everyone in the space is currently working on solving,” he said. “The fact that our L1 is built from the ground up and allows for an ultra-flexible L2 system delights devs and builders and excites businesses. Build once with Nervos, and you’ve built with everyone…”

Chris, from our product team, also echoed this sentiment.

He said: “ Our name isn’t quite out there with the general population, but by being placed in the very front entrance of Paris Blockchain Week we definitely helped improve the Nervos visibility as we were the first booth attendees saw during the entire conference. Most everyone we spoke to were interested to hear more about our platform that we’re building and gladly shared information to connect after the conference.” 

Ahead of the Curve

One thing we have also been proud of at Nervos is being ahead of the current blockchain curve. Many of the current scaling limitations in other major blockchains have already been addressed and solved in our construction (you can read more about this here!)

This was further proven when we attended L2Beat Amsterdam – a conference focused on Layer 2 scaling solutions and the challenges that come with this. 

Seb again points out that within our architecture are solutions to problems that many are still discussing. 

“It was encouraging to hear the talks at the L2Beat conference and know that many of the concepts that were discussed have actually already been incorporated into the Nervos architecture such as Risc-V VM, parallel execution, storage economics and more.”

Establishing our Presence

As we attended these conferences, participated in panels and had many great conversations, we saw the direct value of getting in front of people within the community to expand our Nervos brand presence around the world. Our participation was extremely well received and many people were intrigued to hear directly about how our platform provides a very unique solution in the blockchain space. 

To close with some words from Seb: “These conferences are great places to meet face-to-face with the leading people and projects in the crypto industry. Each interaction is a catalyst that enables us to kick start collaborations with the very people who are building the most important and innovative dApps and supporting blockchain technologies. I can think of no better place to foster these new connections and spread the word regarding what Nervos is building at conferences like these which we will continue to do throughout the year!”

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