Nervos and XP.NETWORK Partner to Expand Multi-Chain NFT Offerings


The NFT space is arguably one of the fastest growing sectors of the blockchain ecosystem. And with this, we are excited to announce our latest partnership. Nervos Network and XP.NETWORK will be partnering to integrate an NFT bridge between the two platforms. 

The bridge will allow Nervos to add an even greater variety of NFTs to the platform through XP.NETWORK, giving access to other chains. Nervos’ multi-chain approach to growing out the ecosystem is perfectly suited to integrating this bridge and will fit in well with our desire to expand NFT offerings on Nervos. 

Bringing You More NFT Opportunities

XP.NETWORK aims to turn the growing NFT market into an accessible and easy-to-use place through their chain-agnostic bridge designed specially to let NFTs flow freely between networks and wallets while avoiding complications such as different NFT standards. 

This approach to multi-chain NFT application is similar to Nervos’ general multi-chain strategy, which begins with the Force Bridge. Being able to integrate with XP.NETWORK through the NFT bridge is like a gateway to multiple different NFT opportunities, on a variety of different chains. 

This is a huge boost to Nervos’ own growing NFT ecosystem, and is a move that is predicated on massive multi-chain growth potential. 

“At Nervos, we strongly believe that the future of blockchain is multi-chain, so we are always looking to work with projects that are helping connect and remove barriers to interoperability. With XP.Network and their ability to provide a simple user infrastructure for a burgeoning multi-chain NFT world, we believe this will open up many exciting opportunities for our community” explained Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervos.


Since it went live in 2021, the XP.NETWORK bridge has become the world’s most potent NFT bridge with over a dozen connected chains, supporting hundreds of dApps – making it the ideal superhighway that turns every chain into a central intersection of information.

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