Nervos and Kava Labs Partner to Enable Cross-Chain Liquidity

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Blockchain interoperability is an important part of the vision for the Nervos ecosystem, so we’re excited to reveal the Kava network is integrating with Nervos’ Force Bridge, our first cross-chain bridge which recently went live on mainnet. Once completed, the integration will allow the movement of native assets between the chains, therefore enabling the bridging of liquidity between Kava and Nervos. 

The integration is a win-win for both projects and their communities as $CKB holders will be able to use their tokens on the Kava platform and Nervos decentralized (dApp) developers will be able to access Kava’s services directly. The Nervos x Kava Labs partnership will also support the listing of wrapped $CKB on Kava Swap, with additional liquidity incentives at launch. YokaiSwap, the first decentralized exchange (DEX) to launch on Nervos, will list wrapped $KAVA as a tradable asset.

“At Kava Labs, we really believe that giving users seamless experiences through cross-chain interoperability is what will drive the future of DeFi,” said Scott Stuart, Kava Labs CEO. “Nervos is making huge strides with Force Bridge and Universal Passport, so we are very excited to be partnering with them on this.”  

“We’re building solutions and tools to support the next generation of DeFi projects,” said Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervos. “Kava Labs shares our vision for a truly interoperable blockchain system, so we’re excited to integrate with the network and provide new opportunities for our community to engage with other ecosystem partners and projects.”

As both Kava and Nervos explore new ways to drive interoperability between our networks, we expect to announce more exciting updates in the future. The integration will start once Kava’s EVM support is launched in 2022.

About Kava Labs

Kava Labs is the primary contributor to the Kava Network and a suite of DeFi protocols that are powered by it. The mission of Kava Labs is to create a secure, scalable home for the future of decentralized finance (DeFi) through a combination of powerful Layer-1 architecture, institutional-grade security, and user experience-driven design.

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