MEXC Global Integrates Nervos Token Standard to Streamline Project Listings

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Nervos is excited to reveal MEXC Global, a leading crypto exchange is integrated the native token standard of Nervos, the Simple User Defined Token (sUDT) standard, to streamline token listings for projects that build on the network. From now, MEXC Global will be able to easily list tokens issued on Nervos, opening up access to the millions of crypto enthusiasts and traders who use the platform.

“The blockchain ecosystem is overflowing with talent and potential, and Nervos is focused on nurturing developers by providing them with the best tools and resources,” said Katherine Deng,  VP at MEXC Global. “With the new integration, we look forward to working together with Nervos to support and promote developers and projects as they grow.”

For Nervos, the integration helps the chain move toward its mission of creating a truly interoperable blockchain ecosystem and becoming the next booming DeFi ecosystem.

“Our partnership with MEXC Global marks an important milestone as we look to bolster our ecosystem tools and services to drive the next generation of interoperability,” said Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervos. “With MEXC’s support and resources, we look forward to opening up new opportunities for projects building on Nervos and introducing them to new audiences around the world.” 

In addition to integrating the SUDT standard, MEXC Global will provide technical support and listing and marketing resources to projects launching tokens on Nervos. The exchange will also invest funds in promising teams, giving MEXC Global and its users access to Nervos’ projects and new markets around the world. 

Established in 2018, MEXC Global is a centralized digital assets exchange that employs high-performance mega-transaction matching technology. In 2019, the exchange saw tremendous growth, gaining a 5% share of the global cryptocurrency trading market. In addition to Nervos, MEXC has worked with blockchains such as Polygon and Solana to create better developer and user experiences across multiple networks. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the integration and more exciting DeFi-related developments in the Nervos ecosystem! 

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