Meet the Team – Nathan: Head of Marketing


As Nervos continues to grow as a powerful blockchain platform, we are proud to see new developer activity, business development and community activity. We are now taking a big leap forward with our marketing and the awareness of the Nervos platform, thanks in part to our newest team member – Nathan Leon.

Nathan will be heading the marketing team going forward, so we sat down to ask him a little more about his background, and vision for Nervos. 

Over to you, Nathan!

Nervos Network: Can you give us some background on your marketing experience, as well as your journey into crypto?

Nate: Sure, so I previously worked at a DeFi platform where I led marketing and oversaw brand development, community and growth. This was my first experience working in crypto and it was such an incredible experience. 

In addition to my experience in crypto I have also worked in the advertising industry at Havas, brand management at L’Oreal and technology marketing at Curb Mobility. 

Even though I just got into crypto a year ago I’ve learned so much, made many great connections throughout the industry and really look forward to working on even more innovative areas as I lead marketing at Nervos.

NN: What would you say your speciality, or passion is, when it comes to marketing?

Nate: With my experience working in traditional marketing and having worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, I’m able to leverage that experience to craft branding and messaging that stands out in a very competitive market. 

When you can create a brand that is well defined and easy to remember, it makes all other marketing activities so much more effective and dramatically increases ROI across all the various marketing channels.

Branding is one area that I have always been passionate about and that I will focus on a lot at Nervos to set us up to be even better than before.

NN: What is it that attracted you to Nervos? 

Nate: When I first learned about this opportunity I did a lot of research into the Nervos platform. I quickly learned that the “Multi-Chain” platform that Nervos is creating is quite amazing. 

While there are numerous Layer 1s and Layer 2s in the industry, no one else is really focusing on the development of an all-in-one solution like Nervos is doing, to abstract away the many inherent complexities of blockchain technology. 

While we’re in the early stages of the adoption lifecycle in crypto, Nervos truly has a solid focus on a long term strategy of making crypto accessible and seamless to navigate for the greater and much larger untapped market. 

This means no more needing to switch among multiple wallets, change networks or access dApps only available on certain platforms. From my point of view, this is the future of crypto and will be the way through which the next large wave of users will be able to quickly and easily enter crypto. 

Additionally the Nervos team is working on new technologies for scaling and tools that are at the forefront of their respective specialties. To know that the platform you’re working on is really pushing the boundaries of what can be done with blockchain technology, is a tremendous feeling and more importantly to be able to help guide the narrative around all these amazing stories with people around the world is even better.

NN: What is your vision for the branding and marketing of Nervos?

Nate: As I mentioned before, branding is one of the areas that I’m very passionate about. While Nervos has done a good job of getting to where it is today, we’ll need to take the Nervos brand to the next level in order to get it ready for a rush of both new partners, developers and end users who will be utilizing the Nervos Network. 

Therefore we will embark on a plan to improve the brand to make it super clear for many different types of audiences to quickly understand what Nervos is creating and why it’s important for each audience. 

Additionally we’ll make improvements to our marketing communications and education to make it super easy for everyone to quickly get up to speed on all the new developments coming from both our new platform tools and from brand new dApps created and launched throughout our ecosystem.

In conjunction with my marketing team, I want us to build out brand new strategies for marketing that will combine some of the best tactics from traditional marketing, that the most successful brands utilize, and merge them with the new opportunities opened up in the crypto world. 

It’s a very exciting time to be working in crypto marketing and to have the ability for us as a team to define and pave a new path in this industry is quite exhilarating!