Introducing Golden Legend

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Introducing Golden Legend

Golden Legend is a NFT minting platform that gives NFT creators and collectors an internet-like product experience because of its extremely low barrier for issuer and receiver to create and exchange NFTs. 

The name “Golden Legend” comes from the game “Hearthstone Legend” by Blizzard. In Hearthstone Legends, there is a card that has a very low probability of appearing and is so valuable that it is called Golden Legend.

How to use it?

Website (for NFT issuance):

NFT Account (to receive and transfer NFTs) :


For NFT Issuer: NFT Minting as a Service

On the Golden Legend platform, the creation and distribution of NFTs only requires a specific number of “energy points”, similar to the energy points system used in many online games. 

Cipher Wang, founder of Golden Legend, says for now they are directly working with the issuer for purchasing the service ([email protected]), and any issuer can purchase energy points via Taobao, wechat pay or Alipay in the future.

You can register on the website (choose testnet and you will receive 10 energy points), and click “create NFT” on homepage, it will lead you to a page creating NFTs:

The NFT issuer doesn’t need to know anything about blockchain technology, they don’t need to know the deployment of contract code, and they don’t even need to know how much commission is needed to create and issue an NFT.

The issuer only needs to know what name to give to the NFT they want to issue, whether to issue a limited number of NFTs, and how many NFTs to issue, which is exactly the same experience of any internet product.

After creating an NFT, the creator can distribute the NFTs in bulk, and to facilitate the mass distribution of NFTs, the platform also supports the import of a large number of addresses via CSV files.

For NFT collectors

NFTs issued by the Golden Legend platform can be received through a web-based wallet. 

For the NFT collector, you can register an account on the web wallet – – login with your metamask (if you were already an crypto user), or to register an Unipass account (which we recommend) with your cell phone number or email, and you will get a wallet address to receive NFT.

Unipass is a MetaMask-like key manager on CKB, and what makes Unipass adorable is it does so with an internet-level user experience (no need to install new software or to create mnemonics) while the account is permission-less, secure and the assets are fully owned by the user. Check here to find out how they make this happen!

You can send the NFT without paying gas fee.

Every NFT minted on Golden Legend carries a gas fee by itself (e.g. currently, 1CKB can support about 7,000 transactions). If there is a shortage of fees due to too many transactions later, the NFTs can be “refueled” in a simple way. This is possible because of CKB’s unique program model: cell model.

Features compared to other NFT platforms

At present, there are many NFT minting/trading platforms on the market. Golden Legend is a platform dedicated to NFT minting and distribution. It creates a simple and smooth experience for NFT issuers and collectors. A non-crypto user can create a wallet (and it’s self-custody) and receive NFTs in just 30 seconds.

  1. The NFT issuer and receiver does not need to be involved with any cryptocurrency to create and receive an asset on a blockchain.
  2. For non-crypto users, it is a simple and smooth experience to create a wallet. Thanks to the flexible support for cryptographic primitives in CKB, the cryptography used in the email and cell phone number system can be used to verify transactions on CKB, and the users can generate encrypted accounts smoothly without the need for mnemonics.
  3. The user does not need to pay gas fee in transferring the NFT. Right now, if you want to create or receive any NFTs, you will need to purchase ETH or other cryptocurrencies in order to pay the transaction fee (gas fee).
  4. Golden Legend provides SDKs and APIs and makes it easy to integrate with other Internet Apps or dApps.

 Imagine you can open your WeChat or one of your mobile apps to create and distribute NFTs of your own design.

Cipher Wang, the founder and CEO of Golden Legend, says it has entered into cooperation with some IPs, such as Netease Wenchuang San San Studio and blockchain consulting company WXY, and Golden Legend will provide technical services and business scenarios from various fields such as entertainment, art, sports, culture and creativity, games, finance, fashion, etc. to provide better business value-added services for influential organizations and individuals in various fields and industries.

Stay tuned for an upcoming demonstration with creator Cipher Wang this week. Be sure to follow us on social media for more information.

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