Interview with CKB Holder Daniel

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Interview with CKB Holder Daniel

Chinese version: 对话CKB英国社区holder Daniel:解决真正的问题,才能产生长期价值

Daniel introduction

Daniel comes from London, UK, he currently runs an IT company, does daily one-on-one emotional coaching and meditation classes, and is active in the crypto industry.

Q1: Why and when did you enter crypto space?

I got into the industry because one of my friends, He was doing website work in the early days of the blockchain industry. Once he finished a website, he was asked if he could accept to be paid in bitcoin and it would in total 2500 BTC.

My friend said to him: I don’t want these shit stuff, you can’t fool me (with game coins), I want the real money. Then all the time I would hear similar stories around, like another friend who bought something worth about £20 for 10 BTC

Q2: When did you get interested in Nervos CKB?

I usually like to study qigong and kites, and I also love Chinese philosophy, which is probably on a different level. Specifically for this project, I appreciate that they are solving the real problem of blockchain.

In terms of the team, they all have a lot of experience in the industry. But the part that appeals to me the most is the token economics. The token value will be tied to the availability of the network. It’s a sustainable, secure system. They have a very deep understanding of some key issues in the crypto economy and the impossible triangle.

Nervos was also the first project I got serious about. When I started to study about Nervos, it required a serious commitment to learning because it was so hardcore. I still have a lot to learn about CKB, though. For example, the part about Interoperability 2.0, which I think is a very important part of the crypto space.

I was fascinated after watching a video about CKB, and I remember I couldn’t find any place to buy it at that time, I went to Binance and found none. I had to keep looking deeper to find out where exactly I could buy it.

Q3: Can you briefly share the main focus of the crypto community in the UK at the moment?

I think the crypto community in the UK should be very similar to the rest of the world. They are mainly focused on DeFi, Uniswap, and Pancake on Binance. There are no national boundaries in the crypto community, but the vast majority of people in the UK still don’t understand what’s going on.

I recommended Nervos to about 10 of my friends whose first experience of cryptocurrency came from me, from Nervos. I told them KevinWang’s (Nervos Co-founder) presentation about the problem of not being able to communicate with each other in the early days of the internet, which is what the blockchain industry is also facing at this stage. What Nervos is going to do is connect them.

I really like the Telegram group, a lot of people there are very interesting.

Another important aspect is value. One of the aspects that I take very seriously when I run a company is that the only way to have long-term growth is to provide value. That’s something I’ve seen at Nervos CKB.

They’ve been focusing on very long-term, core, essential issues, rather than just going for the quick thing. That’s one of the things I focused on most when I run my company , because it’s the only way to bring about fundamental change.

I like the philosophy of doing things in such a way that you don’t rush into pushing certain things, but rather balance better on all fronts. They know that if they do certain things, they might succeed faster. But what they want to do is bring real change to the industry, they know that their vision would come true eventually.

Q4: What are the main challenges do you think Nervos CKB is facing right now?

I think one of the challenges Nervos CKB is facing is that it’s too technical, so it could be difficult to communicate with the community. I remember when I first started reading the white paper, I could barely understand it until I got to the part about the economic model and suddenly I found it all made sense. I’ve read it many times since then, and each time I always could find something new.

That’s why we often see them in telegram patiently explaining over and over again what CKB is. When I explain it to someone else, I need to explain more. But once this bridge problem is solved, you will find that it contains many innovations, and this will lead to a great leap forward.

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