Nervos completes integration with Band Protocol to enable dApps to access oracle data

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Nervos completes integration with Band Protocol to enable dApps to access oracle data

We’re pleased to announce our integration with cross-chain data oracle platform Band Protocol to bring third-party data to the Nervos ecosystem is complete! Nervos developers can now access price feeds and other real-world data in real time from external sources to power any type of decentralized application (dApp).

The integration, first started in August of this year, marks the culmination of a two-phase process to build a bridge from Nervos to Band Protocol. The bridge operates in a fully trustless and permissionless manner, covering all potential data needs on Nervos as developers are now able to leverage any open and premium data sources such as crypto price aggregators, exchanges, foreign exchange rate providers, sports and esports data reporters, and more through Band Protocol’s oracle technology.

How Nervos integrates Band Oracles

The completed Band Protocol integration brings significant improvements in the existing data availability, scalability, and flexibility in the Nervos ecosystem. Dapps on Nervos can now tap into selected crypto price feeds from BandChain, Band Protocol’s high performance blockchain for data oracles, which is particularly important for decentralized finance (DeFi). With Band Protocol’s built in-price oracle, Nervos developers can rest assured that their price feeds are manipulation resistant and up-to-date as they’re not susceptible to long update times or blockchain congestion.

Nervos developers can also connect dApps with any open APIs via a customizable Data Oracle Script, which is programmable in Rust and any language compatible with the WebAssembly standard.

The Nervos team have also developed a web application to visualize the oracle bridge including price feeds which are live on the Mainnet. Check it out here:

Nervos co-founder Terry Tai said,

“The completion of our integration solidifies Band Protocol as one of the leading oracle solutions on Nervos and is an important milestone for our entire ecosystem but significantly DeFi developers, as they now have full access to a variety of secure, real-time data for their applications. We look forward to seeing how the Nervos community takes advantage of this opportunity and our ongoing collaboration with the Band Protocol team.”

Band Protocol CEO & Co-Founder Soravis Srinawakoon said,

“Working closely with the leading blockchain platforms such as Nervos in China and ICON Network in South Korea position Band Protocol in the strongest position to integrate and collaborate closely with the respective decentralized application ecosystems, bringing off-chain data on-chain in a seamless and highly secure manner.”

Looking Forward

Nervos and Band Protocol will continue to bring the highest reliability and security to Nervos developers and users of DeFi products through robust decentralized oracles provided by Band Protocol.

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